Microsoft Pre-Conference Livestream

To kick off the pre-conference event, at 9AM with Microsoft at Game Trailers

(or official site
Have to get on a work conference call at 9am ; ; so enjoy the show! apparently the keyword of the press conference is… “games games and more games… not tv” lol…

NeoGaf Rumormille going strong! We’ll find out if any of these are true today I guess 🙂

Xbox One

  • Microsoft is actively buying PlayStation 4 non-mentions. If you don’t explicitly hear a third-party say “our game is exclusive to Xbox One,” confidently assume a PlayStation 4 version is available behind the scenes.
  • Stage two of Microsoft’s in-depth DRM messaging will arrive at Gamescom. There are no plans to support rental services. What was said last week was just so they could keep quiet.
  • The power of the cloud is phony, and was designed to mask Xbox One’s DRM. Microsoft approached third-parties, not the other way around. EA and Ubisoft are Microsoft’s biggest backers, but oddly enough, not Activision.
  • The DRM policy is worse than you know.
  • Mirror’s Edge 2 will debut at Microsoft’s press conference.
  • Prince of Persia will return for Microsoft’s press conference.
  • Special secret Phil Spencer game? World of Tanks from [Update: This is apparently referring to the secret Xbox 360 game Phil Spencer has teased.]
  • Xbox LIVE pay-wall set in stone for online play.
  • Dead Rising 3 and exclusive DLC for another Capcom game.

PlayStation 4

  • No online pay-wall for PlayStation 4. Unconfirmed.
  • Sony is very tight-lipped about its DRM policies.

E3 Drinking Game, lets do it


4 minutes late! /thumbs down lol

MGS5… yay? >.>
World of Tanks Woo..?
What is that… I don’t even…

Here comes XBOX1… RYSE.. 0.0 crowd response says it all lol
As Ton says: Hurray for Saving Private Maximus? (agrees)
I’m still not sure how QTE is considered realistic but daaww ok

Woops stream froze ; ; /missing a buncha junk that sounds hilarious by the mumble and chat chatter lol

Woo car porn hmmm smexy carrrr /forgets about xbox1

(ok watching while doing work now signing off from blog till later!)


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