E3 Day 1

Was not able to watch the Nintendo stream and is just now getting caught up on two pieces of news:
1. Bayonneta sequel on Wii U -_-
2. Xenoblade … sequel… on Wii… U… -_-

Apparently I’m behind the times in gaming news /sadpanda

About to enter into a busy work day so will not be able to update as much as I want, and will especially be missing the 12-3pm live stream from Square Enix. However, will definitely be watching the new SE trailers streams and the FFXIV Live Letter at 4pm PST.

A list of Square Enix’s live stream schedule can be found here.

At 10am today, the brand new trailer for XIV: ARR will be released, I am super stoked! Yoshi apparently walked in to Soken’s office and said “I WANT EPIC”, so I’m anticipating this lol… if nothing maybe YoshiP will troll us again which is always fun…

Level Down......

YoshiP Troll


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