FFXIV: ARR – 1.0 Returnees

To Those Who Are Considering to Make a Comeback

Upon the start of official service for FFXIV: ARR, a new regional data center will be established for North American and European players, ensuring an enjoyable gaming experience for players in all regions.

For those of you who are interested, you may refer for more details on the regional data center on the translation of a comment from Producer/Director Yoshida on the regional data center.

As you can see, along with the launch of a regional data center, there could be a case where your character from Version 1.0 could exist on a different world or may exist on the world that belongs on the data center from other regions.

Therefore in preparation for a return to FFXIV: ARR, please check the following:

・Which world your character is on
・Which data center your character is on

27th March 2012 World Merge
The merging of the FFXIV Version 1.0 worlds and the names of the worlds after the merge is as below. Please check which world your character is currently on from the below table.

FFXIV Version 1.0 World Post Merge World
Selbina Ridill
Wutai Gysahl Masamune
Rabanastre Cornelia Durandal
Melmond Figaro Aegis
Istory Mysidia Gungnir
Saronia Lindblum Sargatanas
Fabul Besaid Balmung
Trabia Kashuan Hyperion
Karnak Palamecia Bodhum Excalibur

*Ragnarok is the recommended world for NA/EU

Which data center and world your character is on
The following shows the data centers where each world will be located. Please see the table below to check which world and data center your character will be on.

Post Merge World ARR World
World Name Data Center
World Name Data Center
Ridill JP Ridill JP
Masamune JP Masamune JP
Durandal JP Durandal JP
Aegis JP Aegis JP
Gungnir JP Gungnir JP
Sargatanas JP Sargatanas NA/EU
Balmung JP Balmung NA/EU
Hyperion JP Hyperion NA/EU
Excalibur JP Excalibur NA/EU
Ragnarok JP Ragnarok NA/EU

The FFXIV: ARR data relay response may be a little weak if the data center is far from where you live. Therefore we will be having a “World Transfer” to enable you to move to your desired world.

  • World transfer application period: Mid-June 2013
    *We will inform you when the world transfer period has been finalized.
  • World transfer initiation date: Start of Beta test phase 4
    *Please click here for further details and precautions regarding the world transfer.

The Lodestone Players’ Community Site

You will be able to log in to The Lodestone regardless of your current account status from 14th June 2013.

The Lodestone can be used to check which world your character is on, and will serve as a platform to contact other players and previously affiliated linkshells.

You will be able to check the name of the world a character is on by entering the character name in the “Advanced Search” on The Lodestone.


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