Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – Some Changes for Phase 3

Credit Rin-Sui of Beta Forums (hey NDA was lifted, I’m finally allowed to say I’m a proud tester since Alpha 1.0 omg!). Copying the list verbatim since I think the author’s notes are funny ^_^

  • MND will no more increase magic attack damage for conjurers. The only basic stat that increases magic attack damage now uniformly is INT.
  • Accuracy will now affect both magic and physical attacks.
  • The same is true for the unified critical hits stat.
  • The morale stat now eplicitly lowers damage received from other players in PvP.
  • All equipment obtained during play now goes directly into the appropriate 25-item armory box (e.g. the head gear box, the body gear box, etc.). Only if that box is full, it will go into your inventory.
  • Re-coloring of equipment will NOT require leveling the corresponding crafting class. Every class can recolor equipment freely using a colorant item after completing a certain quest.
  • Unlocking your buddy chocobo for battles is a s easy as obtaining a chocobo with guild marks, then speaking to the wandering minstrel in front of every GC headquarter (possibly only for the beta, but that’s only what i believe).
  • Creating a free company is possible regardless of each member’s grand company affiliation. You have to be above LV 25, and have enough others to sign in to your FC to get it running. Also, those signing in only count towards the required number if they are not already members of, or invited to sign in for, another FC.
  • Only a FC’s master will be able to kick members, and only officers will be able to invite new ones… yaddayadda, the usual stuff.
  • Casting buffs and heals will no more require you to face the target.
  • The same DoTs from different players now stack, meaning, e.g., that a monster can have multiple aero Dots at the same time (personal note: whoa… I don’t know whether that’s a good idea… how will you differenciate multiple same-looking debuff timers and know when to re-apply “yours”?)
  • The only way to change to a JOB in phase 3 will be by using a character imported from 1.xx that already had that job unlocked (personal note: bummers. Now THAT will piss a few people off). (My Note: I highly doubt this is what the author thinks it is. in ARR in order to unlock jobs you need to reach level 10 and then quest. This line item I am 100% sure specifically refers to the ability to change jobs without doing the quest. Regardless this is not a deterrant at all since everyone is starting from level 1 in this phase of Phase 3 Test 1. Phase 3 Test 2 is when we’re scheduled to test Legacy characters)
  • Achievements seem to be implemented.
  • Most equipment now has dedicated (often multiple) materia slots, which will allow free 100% success setting of materia. Think FFVII. Forbidden melding (squeezing in more than allowed) is still possible, but may fail as usual. The BIG change is that a failed meld will ONLY result in a loss of the last materia you tried to squeeze in, but neither the base equipment nor materia successfully melded to that gear beforehand is affected. Looks like triple/quads will become much easier to obtain. Depending on the item’s level (which is NOT the same as the level you require to equip it), the limit of stat improvement you can possibly obtain by materia melding differs. E.g., you’ll be able to squeeze in more stat improvements into a Vanya robe, and less into a “normal” LV 50 equip (I always wondered what the “item level” stat was for; now we know). The limit of how much of a stat you can squeeze in will be shown before starting the melding process.



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