Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – WHM Gear Plans

Leaving this up so it can still be referenced but after further testing some new details have changed my gear options. Please read this instead for Phase 3 Test 4 gearsets.

Players of FFXIV: 1.0 was able to test their old characters within the new client for the first time this weekend. We immediately realized that we are going to need to re-gear some jobs, especially anything with materia in it since it’s all just ‘cracked materia’ now.

Information below this line subject to change.

With this in mind, spent some time today creating my to-do entry level end game gear set. Assuming the following of course, based on testing in Phase 3:

  • Primary Stats being: Magic Damage, Mind, Piety
  • Maximing cures for end game content while working on the most optimal set (relics etc.)
  • That all this may be moot come retail!

I will not be releasing any specific details on cure testing as re-balancing and polishing is still being completed. However, unless they suddenly decide to drastically change what primary stats do in the next 2 months before release, the following will be my safe bet for a to-do list.

Slot Item MND PIE M.Dmg M. Slots Materias Add. Mind
Main Hand Grand Company Wands 14 59
Shield Eagle-crested Round Shield 3 1 Mind V 10
Head Felt Cavalier’s Hat 7 2 Mind V 20
Body Felt Bliaud 12 2 Mind V 20
Hands Boarskin Ringbands 6 2 Mind V 20
Wrist Tourmaline Bracelets +1 7 6 1 Mind V 10
Waist Raptorskin Satchel Belt 5 1 Mind V 10
Legs Felt Gaskins 12 2 Mind V 20
Feet Spruce Pattens 10 8 2 Mind V 20
Ring 1 Blessed Ring 6 5
Ring 2 Tourmaline Ring +1 7 6 1 Mind V 10
Neck Tourmaline Choker +1 7 6 1 Mind V 10
Ear Tourmaline Earrings +1 7 6 1 Mind V 10

With this, on top of base mind of 256 for my lalafell, I will have an a buff of 257 mind from gear, 30 from stat allocation at level 50, this will put me at 543 Mind. This does not take into consideration the stat caps that will be implemented. I will be sure to post an update once testing in retail is complete.


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