Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – Server Transfer Update for Aegis and Masamune

Status of World Transfer Applications for Masamune and Aegis Worlds (Servers Located in Japan)

We would like to notify our players that, in regards to the ongoing World transfer applications, the Masamune and Aegis Worlds are approaching the maximum number of applications allowed. Please be aware that we will stop accepting applications once a World maxes out and further transfers will not be possible.

Therefore, if you are planning on transferring to either the Masamune or Aegis World, please submit your application at the earliest possible time. In addition, if you are intending on transferring in a large group such as a linkshell, there may be a possibility that the World will max out and not all members of the group will complete the transfer. Because of this, please also consider transferring to a different World.

* If applications from the Masamune and Aegis Worlds to other Worlds increase, we may accept further applications for the two Worlds after reviewing their population count.


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