Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – UI Layout and Hybrid Controls

Original UI

Original UI – almost identical to out of box except that I made all widgets flush against the edges of the screen. All that extra space they built in was irking me

Yes, I am a FILTHY CLICKER! /shakes fist at Aki, Rhys and Will. I will continue using my hybrid system since it just makes so much more sense for how I play. My wrists and left arm tend to hurt with just keyboard play. I found out the painful way when I started playing WoW quite seriously back in 2008 or so. After an hour of play my hands would hurt very badly. Since then I’ve been trying my best to find ways to remap keys to lessen this pain.

XIV: ARR alleviates this issue for me by allowing us to customize both gamepad and keyboard however we wish. The result is what you see below. I have the gamepad on the left hand so it rests comfortable on my lap and no longer suffer from the feeling of numbness or aching pain after an hour or so of play time. On my right hand, I can reach for both the gamepad and my mouse quickly enough, so I click through party members for heals and targets for nukes.

1st Hybrid UI

This was the first hybrid UI layout. I very quickly found that I needed more hotbars on my screen!

I also have nameplates set to display only when HP is below 100%, this way during fates I can click on nameplates very quickly and spam cures. The built in abilities/actions queue is very helpful for this type of play.

This is my latest UI layout featuring multiple keyboard hotbars as well as the primary cross hotbar. Personally, I hate UI that covers up all of my game area so I try to have multiple profiles on WoW for different situations. I can only hope that the addons for XIV will allow me to save UI profiles.

User Interface

Cross hotbar and keyboard hotbar hybrid Layout

Because battle log is important, currently I pull out the ‘Battle’ log tab in whenever I feel like it and position it above the chat tab, then when I’m done, I just drag it back onto primary chat area. Currently trying to convince hubby that I desperately need a ginormous monitor… purely for XIV >.> yeah my priorities are awesome lol though to be fair, I’ve been scoping out a 3 monitor setup for a while now for work purposes, XIV changes that to 1 big monitor and 1 smaller one which works great. Will update with what type of monitor we ended up choosing and what my new layout is when that happens!

In the mean time, if you are not using a hybrid system and would like to, check out my previous guide on how to play with both the keyboard and mouse at the same time.


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