(05.07.2013) Interview with Naoki Yoshida at the Japan Expo, Paris


La version française se trouve par ici.

Hello everynyan, it’s been a while!

Today again, on July 5th, I have met Naoki Yoshida and his team to ask him questions about Final Fantasy XIV – A Realm Reborn… and here is the interview, only 10 hours later!

(… and today again, the recording was unintelligible, my iPod messed up the recording and it took hours… I mean, decades of work to decypher everything)

If you have any use for this interview, please mention the source. It takes hours of work to prepare an interview and many more hours to release it!

Special thanks to the JeuxOnLine – Final Fantasy XIV staff who worked on the questions.

Comment is free! I didn’t bother with spellchecking and stuff, but feel free to correct me.


[EDIT]Silly me, it’s obviously not 2011 but 2013.

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