Reinheart Translates – In game chat with Naoki Yoshida

The original blog entry can be found here.

YoshiP Spills

Naoki Yoshida pops on the Ifrit server and proceeds to spill many buckets of beans

As many of you who have met YoshiP in game before noticed, he does stop and wave, chat with players and try to answer as many questions as he can coz he’s just awesome. But with all rumor items, please note that things change all the time, and even coming from YoshiP himself, it may not be the final deal. I’ve highlighted below specific responses that very exciting!

(translation from some parts in the image inside above link)

—- Can we use SLI from B4?
Naoki Yoshida : Should be able to make it > B4
—- Really, might set up SLI
Naoki Yoshida : In the next Benchmark you can test out SLI and CF
Naoki Yoshida : Post 2nd class we have a bonus EXP feature as well
—- At launch, will there be ID in between Totorak and Haukke? Or you want players to enjoy FATE?
Naoki Yoshida : Please wait for that one

147:既にその名前は使われています:2013/07/12(金) 01:33:02.06 ID:GF+CjrRT

・Thanks my knightは祈りのエモートと一緒にやるの推奨 
– Devs aiming for Arcanist launch at phase 4
– Please wait up on the details for Arcanist > Planning to announce at Nico-nama event?
– Event voice coming in Phase 4
– SLI from phase 4
– They are preparing bathing motion and other motions like Male Miqo’te
– Post 2nd class you get EXP bonus
– They have no plans to have a option to allow Duty Finder to match within it’s own world
– The bug where the cursor doesn’t work properly when you change language to Mongolian is planned to fixed
– Will discuss gatherer’s leveling
– They may fix the balancing where you can craft HQ from NQ
– Will do event after launch, please look forward to it > Bombard
– Phase 4 is one week
– … where it causes issue in your daily work due to weekday test is working as intended
– I recommend doing /pray emote when saying Thanks my knight

– No plans to officially add a DPS meter
– Regarding question about how Marauder class quest doesn’t look like it’s for Tank
he replied it will be later on
– We’re planning to take down the players a lot in some of the end contents so look forward to it
– Bahamut dungeon is really long that it even has a saving point 

Alternative translation from Stanislaw at Bluegartr forums

After reading through the original JP blog that posted that screenshot in which Yoshi-P was answering questions when he showed up on the Ifrit server, I can indeed confirm that he said Phase 4 is one week. As a further confirmation, before he gave the one week date he also said that Phase 4 is ‘relatively short’.

A summary of other stuff he said:

– They’re trying to get Arcanist ready for Phase 4
– Please wait a little more for the details on how Arcanist works (perhaps revealed in the upcoming Niconico Live Event?)
– Event Bosses implemented in Phase 4
– SLI support implemented in Phase 4
– Male Miqotes (and other races?) will have unique motions when entering baths
– When leveling a second class, you will have bonus exp
– Addressed a bug where the cursor goes funny in some instances
– Adjustments to how (slow/fast) a Gatherer levels
– Adjustments (maybe) to the ease of making HQs from NQ materials in crafting
– An in-game event will be implemented right away after Launch (Bomb Event?)
– The dev team has designed endgame events to outright kill players
– (The Labyrinth of) Bahamut is so long, it pretty much requires players to ‘save progress’ as they proceed through the dungeon
– No plans to implement a ‘your server only’ option for the Duty Finder as for now


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