Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – YoshiP Post 07/11/13 Collaboration with other FF titles

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FFXIV: A Realm Reborn Producer and Director Yoshida here.

Thank you for all the feedback and discussion in regards to the collaboration between LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII and FFXIV: A Realm Reborn that was announced at E3 and Japan Expo. While I was reading over all the comments and writing a post, I thought that there needs to be a clear explanation and decided to create this thread.

The Japan Expo stage is a place where people that like Japanese sub-culture gather and we focused on the below attractive aspects for our presentation:

  • Lightning will be appearing in the world of FFXIV!
  • Lightning and Snow costumes can be obtained in the world of FFXIV!

As a result, I believe there are some of you who are concerned with the implications for the lore of FFXIV: ARR and the world of Eorzea and thought, “Why are you shoehorning Lightning into FFXIV?” or “Is the game just going to be filled with other with FF characters?”

This is the first time we’ve tried having a FINAL FANTASY series character make an appearance in another world in a numbered FINAL FANTASY title. After announcing this at Japan Expo, we will be having a detailed meeting with the LIGHTNING team, but the general consensus between both teams is that “it shouldn’t just be a simple appearance.”

  • Why is Lightning in the world of Eorzea?
  • Why is Lightning fighting in the world of Eorzea?
  • What’s the connection between adventurers and Lightning?
  • And what will happen to Lightning after visiting Eorzea?

The story that answers these questions is already being created and it will also be related to the Lightning saga. This is not just a Lightning clone showing up in Eorzea; it is the one and only Lightning. We are also creating a lot of character dialogue for Lightning as well as special cut scenes. We’ve established a proper story, and I hope you’re excited to see it.

Also, in regards to future collaborations with other FF series, we will be adhering to the below principles:

  • We will never introduce characters that would destroy their meaning or story
  • We will not use characters that are already dead or whose role has ended in their title

For example, “Red XIII” who appeared in FFVII.
I believe we mentioned “Red XIV” as a joke before, but Red XIII has a very rare and specific role in the world of FFVII. If he was wandering around the world of Eorzea it would destroy the image of the world of FFVII, so this can’t happen.
This is just a simple example of what we mean.

Leading up to my involvement with FFXIV, I’ve always been a fan of the FF series just like everyone else. Because of that, I want to keep the lore important and consider the storyline in its entirety, so please don’t be worried when it comes to this.

When it comes to Minions, however, we are going to completely run with it.

Translation below credit to: Reinheart

Originally Posted by Naoki_Yoshida 

FFXIV:ARR Producer/Director Yoshida here.
Thank you for the many feedbacks and debates regarding the LIGHTNING RETURNS : FINAL FANTASY XIII and FFXIV:ARR Collaboration that was announced during E3 and Japan Expo.
Was looking at other comments and working on posts found this thread…

Wanted to explain it clearly, so I’ll make a post about this one.
Lots of people loving Japanese sub culture gathers at Japan Expo so at the stage we wanted to make it where everyone can understand that:

Lightning is coming in FFXIV’s world!

In FFXIV’s world you’ll get Lightning and Snows Costume!

We focused on these two and went through with the presentation.

As a result, there may be those that may feel that “You just simply brought in Lightning?”, “Is it going to end up with different FF characters?” and also worried about the lore of FFXIV:ARR / Eorzea.
This will be our first time as a FF numbering title, having a FF series character appearing accross worlds.
After the announcement made at Japan Expo we are going through meetings with the Lightning team to takl over the details, but first of all, just simply having Lightning come into the game is No Good, so that’s our basic consensus.

– Why causes Lightning to visit the world of Eorzea
– Why is Lightning fighting in Eorzea
– What’s the relationship between the adventurers and Lightning
– And what’s going to happen to Lightning after she visits the world of Eorzea

We have a scenario made up for this, and it will relate to Lightning’s saga as well. It won’t be where Lightning’s copy suddenly showing up in Eorzea, Lighting is that Lightning we know. We are preparing lots of dialogs for Lightning and it’s own cut scenes as well. We are making a story for it so please look forward to the release.

Also, even if we do have collaboration with other FF series in the future

– We won’t make them appear where it breaks that characters life style or lore
– If they are already dead, or if they are closed off in that story we won’t use those characters.

We want to especially be careful for this one.

For example Red XIII that came up in FF7.
Previously we joked and mentioned it’s possible to get Red XIV, but in the world of FF7 Red XIII is a rare creature in the lore. If many of them ran around the world of Eorzea it will break the world of FF7 so that’s not good.
That would be a simple example.

Just like all of you, until I got involved with FFXIV I was basically a FF series fan. That is why I want to make sure to keep the world and lore, with that in mind I am developing these so please don’t worry about this.

As for the Minions, that’s all just for fun, so please forgive us just for the Minions


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