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This is Yoshida, Producer/Director for FFXIV: A Realm Reborn.

Thank you for the feedback and concerns for the recently implemented Duty Finder.
Sorry that it took so long for me to respond, in part because of Japan Expo and the time it took to read over the comments on the forums. My post will be focusing on different things, including responses to the feedback we’ve seen so far.

First off, the duty finder is a feature that many Japanese players are trying for the first time, and I’d like to report that thanks to everyone’s help, it has been going very well so far. There seems to be a few things that people are worried about, so I will be posting the answers for each feedback along with explaining the concept of the duty finder.

As usual, my post is going to be quite long, so please read it over whenever you have time.
■ The Idea of Duty Finder ■

MMORPGs are in a genre that has the stigma that “it’s difficult to form parties, and you can only really play it by forming parties.”
As a result, MMORPGs are often forced into a very niche genre.
Even when looking at the global market (excluding China and Korea), this belief is very rampant. Especially because Japan has a very few locally created MMO games.

While it’s impossible to do everything while solo in an MMORPG, I really wanted the average gamer to experience the fun a player can experience in an MMORPG. With the FINAL FANTASY and DRAGON QUEST series, many users think “Well, I guess I’ll try it at least” feeling because of their strong connection to the brand. What better way for us to spread the fun of the MMORPG experience than with FFXIV: ARR?

The first thing that popped in my head was the necessity of a party matching system. To be honest, when I first took over FFXIV version 1.0, the first thing I did was check to see if it’s possible to implement a cross-world matching system with our server team. What I found out was very disappointing. Not only were we not able to implement a cross-world matching system, we could not even implement a matching system within the same world. I felt that this feature was so important that I was willing to toss all of the server source code for FFXIV version 1.0 and completely rebuild the server structure for FFXIV: ARR.

Simply put, when I first took over FFXIV version 1.0, I felt the following was necessary if I was to release a numbered FF title in the current day and age.

– A sense of being able to play the game solo.
– Have the players go through the casual party experience while progressing through the main scenario.
– Players will learn the basics of a party play by the time they complete the main scenario.

I created documents and specifications and then checked what we could and could not implement. After a thorough investigation, we decided to create “FFXIV: ARR.”
While we considered the idea of being able to complete the main scenario without being in a party, we knew that players would then have trouble with end game content because they lack any prior party experience.

Therefore, I believe the duty finder is a “necessary feature for the players new to the world of MMORPGs.”

I would like new players to think “Hey, that was much easier and fun that I thought it would be” after their first party experience.
■ Communication and the Formation of a Community ■

As I sated before, the implementation of the duty finder is something I wanted since I took over FFXIV version 1.0. I even think I mentioned the word “Finder” during some of my early interviews. We worked hard on balancing the difficulty, information that can be obtained through the UI, the number of times you can wipe to a boss, being able to re-challenge in case you fail, for “party content that can be played using the duty finder.”

Therefore, players will be able to solo their way through level 1 to 15 as a battle class. From level 15 to 35, the players will “learn the basics of party play.” After level 35, we expect some players to really start talking about the mechanics and strategies for boss battles.

Even with the 2.5 second global cooldown, from a newbie standpoint, it’s almost impossible to have a conversation during battle. Therefore, we intentionally left some extra room during the content (i.e. at the start, before a boss battle, when opening a treasure chest after the boss battle, etc.) to make it easier for players to say converse and to strategize (not including the battles that occur during the main scenario after defeating Ifrit). We would like new players to start using the chat after they are comfortable with the game.

Therefore, we’re not expecting players to chat during battle until they reach the high-level content. Chat should mainly take place “in between battles,” “in between content,” “in the city/field,” and “during FATE.” Of course, we expect players to form a party through /shout to have a better chance of beating battle content. While shouting may take some courage, I personally love seeing the conversations that take place via say and shout. I look forward to players talking about item stats, strategies, linkshell/free company recruiting, and general Q&A. We’ll do our best to support the players from the system-side and the through the Lodestone. However, please note that no matter how fulfilling the system is, it’s up to the players to utilize the system to communicate with other players.

We plan on actively supporting the community by enhancing the linkshell/free company features, invite features, implementation of a mentor system, etc. What would an MMORPG be without friends?

If this is your first time playing an MMORPG or an online game, take the first step and say hello!

As for the experienced players, please spark up a conversation in between battles and quests whenever you have the opportunity. That is the key to starting conversation within the community!

Of course, for high-level content, simply relying on the Duty Finder alone could make clearing some content difficult, and there will be cases where you need to partner up with those around you. We understand the importance and necessity of communication. If you’re worried about the potential loss of communication because of the duty finder, please do not worry.

■ Cross-World Matching ■

The main purpose of the duty finder is to “be able to experience party play immediately after logging into the game.” In other words, the “matching speed” is a key factor of the feature.

Nowadays, people are generally very busy and don’t have as much free time to play games as much as they used to. We would like our players to continue enjoying our MMORPG for a long time. In order to make that happen, we feel it’s important to provide an environment where the players always have something to do when they log into the game. It’s difficult for certain players to enjoy an MMORPG when it takes an hour to form a party (while there are some players that do have that free time).

I feel it’s important to “maximizing the demand.” Therefore, instead of just matching players within one World, we have designed it so that players are able to match with players on the same data center. As an extreme example, with this system, even if there are only 500 players logged in per World (across 15 Worlds), that’s 7,500 players you can potentially be matched up with. Of course, the class ratio of the logged in players will have a huge impact on the matching system. However, we believe we will be able to avoid situations where a player is unable to enjoy the game because there are not enough players logged in when the play.

■ Matching Options ■
We received an inquiry regarding the implementation of the option to only match with players within the same World, but we currently do not have any plans to implement that option.

While I understand the idea of “How about we initially get matched up with players on the same World, and if that does not work out, match up with the other Worlds,” this actually leads to a huge decrease in the matching frequency.

For example, let’s say there are four players on the Worlds A, B, C, D, and these four players are wanting to defeat Ifrit.

– Player A (TANK) selects the “Match with players in the same World” option.
– Player B (DPS) selects the “Match with players on all Worlds” option.
– Player C (DPS) selects the “Match with players on all Worlds” option.
– Player D (Healer) selects the “Match with players in the same World” option.

Player A will enter the queue in the state of “Waiting for a DPS/DPS/Healer in the same World.”
Player D will enter the queue in the state of “Waiting for a TANK/DPS/DPS in the same World.”
Player B and C will enter the queue in the state of “Waiting for a TANK/DPS/Healer in all Worlds.”

The problem is apparent right away. If all players were looking for matches in all Worlds, these four would immediately be grouped together to defeat Ifrit. However, due to this option, there’s a delay in the matching process.
While player A and D can switch to all Worlds if they do not find a match in the same World, every player has their own level of patience when it comes to waiting.

Let’s say player A waits for 5 minutes and player D waits for 7 minutes. In this case, all players will have to wait for 7 minutes until they are matched. During these 7 minutes, player B and C will wait while they wonder when they are going to be matched. Everything works out as long as these players are willing to wait, but let’s say player B gets tired of waiting and decides to join another party that was looking for an additional member via /shout, changes their role to a healer, or logs out. In this case, the match becomes invalid because one of the players decided to do something else.

Therefore, if it was just one player switching from one option to another, the only impact is making the remaining players wait. However, if every player has the option, it hugely decreases the matching frequency.

On the other hand, let’s say we set the waiting limit of the matches to 5 minutes (automatically cancels if no match is found for 5 minutes) and prevent players for waiting for an extended period of time. Every player registers for the duty finder at different times, so unless the players registers at around the same time, they will never be matched up.

While my example was a little extreme, if this happened with all players or if the majority of the player selected “All Worlds,” it would still decrease the matching frequency by a large amount as long as there are players selecting different options.

Of course after launch, we will take a look at the overall matching speed and the split between all the roles, and it’s possible that we will do things such as ease up on the role restrictions and allow for multiple role requests (tank and DPS, for example).

However, the main thing we want to guarantee is that you can play in a party when you want to and create parties comfortably, and I feel that the most important thing is to see to it that this goal is accomplished.

■ Matching Algorithm ■

In regards to the algorithm used when matching take places, this is an algorithm that places priority on matching speed, and thus same-world matching priority is not a function that is performed intentionally.

If it were to do this, each person would have to go through multiple matching groups, and even if this were constrained to just a single confirmation, there would be variations between the matching search and search targets of the second round and the previous round, ultimately causing a longer wait time. (I’m simplifying the technical explanation.)

Of the roles, DPS is often the most popular in MMORPGs.
When forming a 4-person light party, there are 2 matching slots for the DPS classes (pugilist (melee), lancer (melee), archer (ranged), thaumaturge (ranged)), which is double the number of slots than that of tank and healer. Two important things the algorithm determines are to make sure that two of the same class/job are not in the DPS slots as well as that they split between melee and ranged. 

Various situations can be enjoyed with parties if they are matched with 1 tank, 1 melee DPS, 1 ranged DPS, and 1 healer. The programmers have done a great job making this so the system does not need to go through multiple matching search loops. (Though, if players cannot be found, the process will be simplified.)

■ Additional Features for Launch ■
Currently the Duty Finder is in the midst of stress testing in Beta phase 3, and we will be addressing feedback and adding the following features in time for launch:

・A feature to kick players who have gone offline or who have been disconnected after being matched.
・A status check when entering (entered by mistake, etc.)
・Announcement when there is a player that is challenging the content for the first time in the party, as well as a reward bonus upon clearing the content.
・Feature to retry content with the same party.

In other games there is a poll-based kick feature, but this system can be used inappropriately to kick people right before receiving loot, so we are thinking about this very carefully. We are also prioritizing discussions for how to address players that leave parties right after being matched. (This is also a countermeasure for harassment.)

We will of course continue to add features as necessary while the game is live.

■ In Closing ■

Lately I have been seeing a lot of people posting that “FFXIV: ARR feels more like an instanced-based game.” Everyone feels things in different ways, so I’m fine with that.

However, from Alpha all the way up to the third test of Beta phase 3 I barely saw any talk of this.
(Not to say it was non-existent, but it was much, much less.)
Dungeons are all instanced dungeons, and the arrangement of content has not really changed.
With the implementation of the stress tests for the Duty Finder in the fourth test, it’s true that the number of party recruitment shouts has dropped and the amount of conversations being held within instanced dungeons has also fallen. (I too noticed this when I’m playing in the beta.)

I think it’s easy to run through instanced dungeons using the Duty Finder (That’s why we made it.).
However, in Beta phase 3, the main quests that have been released are only up to level 20, and there are only three instanced dungeons up to level 20: Sastasha, Tam-tara, and Copperbell. The only time you are required to go to each of these dungeons is when you are progressing through the main quest line. (there will be side quests released in the release version for level 15 to 20.)
In addition to this, the main quest line will also have instanced battle content for Ifrit, and releasing more dungeons wouldn’t really fit the flow for the official release.

In phase 3, main quests and class quests are locked, and there are really no other efficient choices besides going around to dungeons above level 20. Since testing time is also limited, leveling has a tendency to be prioritized.

Naturally, repeating dungeons over and over would get played out, and once you get used to them it just becomes work and conversations will drastically be reduced.

I understand the fearful feeling that if you are only meeting someone once it is difficult to form relationships.

However, this is just a matter of having the finder or not having the finder, and in actuality, the tests up until now and the content have not changed. On the other hand, there are a lot of people who went and tried out the dungeons for the first time because the finder was finally implemented.

I’ve played many MMORPGs and online game in my time, but I’ve had a lot of friends quit in the beginning of games because they couldn’t make parties, or it was hard to play with people they didn’t know, and felt they cause problems with party play.

“All you need to do is shout ‘anyone want to go to a dungeon?'”
“You can still play without having to talk as much as you think you do!”
“Everyone is nice to new players, so don’t worry about getting in the way!”

I’d often respond to my friends in the above manner, but I was sadly told “it’s impossible.”
As a result, MMORPGs up until now have become games that can only be played by people who can play them a lot and have a lot of skill.

I have a lot of friends from all the MMORPGs and online games I have played. Just like me, they all chat, form parties, and go do content. “That difficulty is the good thing about MMORPGs. You are able to overcome it with everyone.” I understand this well.

However, naturally they accomplish things because it’s a gathering of people who know how. My job is to see to it so that those that cannot do this are also able to play.
I will also be preparing things for the hardcore players, as well as a community features, and areas for release, so please rest easy about this.

From a technical standpoint, there aren’t many differences between MMOs and instanced-based games.
The only differences are that you have large fields, a large amount of items, large scale updates that change the world, and a world where thousands of people can run around at the same time. However, an enormous sandbox where there are small things happening in the fields, boss fights are at the end of the dungeons, you can explore uncharted lands while riding your chocobo, and you can spend time talking to your friends – that’s an MMORPG.

FFXIV: ARR is about to start anew as an MMORPG.
And I’m not just talking about the release. We plan on continuing to update the game as an FF series title and as an MMORPG. This also holds true for events that take place in fields.

A wealth of players sharing the same world, a Free Company partying at Costa del Sol. A solo player fishing by the sea, a player fighting a colibri during a levequest. Two real-life friends riding side by side on chocobos and exploring the world. A player that dropped by to see a Miqo’te in their swimwear and check out the party as they sew waiting for the Duty Finder to make a match.

There are many types of players doing various things at every moment. You may just pass by them but there are times you will stop and make friends with them. That is what I think of when I hear MMORPG, and I want to create that type of Eorzea with everyone.

I’d appreciate it a lot if you think of the Duty Finder as a tool that increases the population of people playing and also as something that serves to increase the opportunities of meeting people.


Translation credits: Reinheart

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FFXIV:ARR Producer/Director Yoshida here.
Thank you very much for the many feedbacks and the debate about the direction the Duty Finder which was introduced in last weeks phase 3 test. Due to the overseas trip to Japan Expo and taking a while to check the forums, I apologize for the delay in responding to this one. I have collected responses to individiaul feedbacks.

Okay, regarding the Duty Finder feature which may be the first for many Japanese players, currently the test is going smoothly thanks to everyone’s support. Looks like there are some worries so I would like to post regarding the Finder and answer individual feedbacks.

It’s long post as usual so check it out whenever you have a free time.

Reason for Duty Finder

MMORPG is long,
This game genre has an image where
“It’s hard to form parties, you need to talk, and you can’t play if you don’t get involved with party play.”

For this reason, the MMORPG genre’s target is squeezed into this narrow target. This trend is strong (aside from China and Korea), specially for Japan which doesn’t have much domestic MMO’s, this image is strong.

I don’t think you can do everything by yourself in a MMORPG, but I really wanted to express the fun elements of MMORPG to all the gamers. As for FF and DQ (Dragon Quest) there are those that would say “Let me try it out”, for that reason it’s a good chance to have them experience MMORPG.

To make that happen, the first thing that came into my mind was the need for a party matching system.
Honestly saying when I took over the previous FFXIV, the first thing I checked with the server team was if it was possible to have a cross server party matching system? After researching, we couldn’t even cross servers, it was near impossible to have a matching system in it’s own server. And when that was confirmed we decided to trash all of the previous FFXIV’s server source code and decided to restructure the server for FFXIV ARR. That’s how much I felt this feature was needed in FFXIV.

To simply put it, in order to get it out as a FF number MMORPG to the current generation we needed to :
– Need to make the game where they can feel like they can play on their own.
– As they progress through the main scenario have them experience casual party play
– Around the time when they clear the scenario, want to make it where they will have the know how for the basic party play.

This is something in which I wanted to do since I took over the previous FFXIV.
For that reason I made the resources and ideas, and compared with the previous FFXIV.
We investigated which features are possible and not possible and decided on creating FFXIV:ARR.

We did look into a game design where you can solo play the scenario till clearing without forming/joining a part, but when you hit the end contents with that, those players will definitely get stuck, therefore we came up with above design.

Therefore Duty Finder is
A feature that was required for those players stepping into the world of MMORPG for the first time.
We want the players to feel “Hey it wasn’t as bad as I thought, it was actually fun” when first experiencing party play.

Communication & forming a community

As mentioned above, releasing the Duty Finder was my wish since I took over the previous FFXIV and even in the early interviews when I took over charge I used the word “Finder” in there. “The party contents which you play through the Finder” can be done with little amount of communication. The content difficulty, the information displayed on the UI, the amount of wipes on boss, and amount of times you need to retry on the content has been adjusted greatly.

So it’s possible to play solo up until level 15 for the first battle class. Up until level 35, get the players get used to experiencing party play, and later on have them start talking to each other to discuss the gimmicks and boss battles.

Even with a 2.5 second GCD it’s not possible for beginners to chat during the battle.
Therefore when you start a content, before the boss, after the boss when collecting the chest reward, we placed some time where players can greet and discuss a little. (For those that have scenarios like after the Ifrit Battle is different). But I believe chatting during the battle is something that can be done when you first get used to everything and finally have enough time to spare.

So the place for communication up until the end game isn’t during the battle, it will be done mainly in between battles, between contents, in town or field, or meeting through F.A.T.E.
Of course it’s alright to /shout to invite party to make sure you can complete the party content as well.

It may require some courage to /shout, but as for myself I like it when the chat log is filled with /say or /shout.
I would like to see lots of invitations to Linkshells and Free Companies as well. We will support as much through system and it’s the same for The Lodestone. However no matter how much we provide on the system side, in the end it’s up to the players to go step over and start communicating.

We will continue to get the community support going such as mentor system and invitation features, Linkshells and Free Companies. You need friends for MMORPG!

I’m going to repeat again, but for those playing MMORPG or online game for the first time, I don’t mind it being in slow steps, but if you ever felt like “maybe I should just say Hi” that first step is all you really need to get it going !

And for those of you that are experienced adventurers, all of you that are used to chatting, please enlighten everyone in town, in between battles, between quests. I believe that would lead to getting everyone to start communicating.

And for end contents, there are times where it will be hard to clear with player matching done through Duty Finder and require support between players. There will be times where you would discuss PvP strategies, meet someone new in the Housing Zone, we understand the importance and the need for communication so please don’t worry.
Matching done with several worlds

The main goal of Duty Finder is to be able to login and get into party play right away, so the matching speed is very important.

Everyone living in current economy is busy, the amount of time they sit in front of PC or gaming console is a lot less that what it used to be few years back. As for an MMORPG we would like players to play for a long time, so it’s really important to have something the players can do, if it’s going to take an hour just to form a party, even for a new MMORPG player would be too long and would be difficult for them (although there are those that are ok with this).

It is important to gather as much demands together, for that reason instead of matching within that one world, it will match with others in that same data center. With this, as an extreme example, say it’s 11AM JP time and there is only 500 players average in each of the 15 worlds, that would still mean there are 7500 players and if there is a demand for a specific dungeon by 4 players, it will be formed. Of course, it’s meaningless if it doesn’t match the roles so it will also involve the ratio of players with those roles, but it will eliminate a situation where you won’t be able to play just because there isn’t enough amount of players during the hours you play.
Regarding matching options

To answer the question about if we are going to prepare an option to be able to match players within the same world, as of right now, we have no plans.

I can understand the comments to those saying “First request matching within the world and if not switch to other worlds” but doing this will lower the matching greatly.

Say for example you had players in different worlds A/B/C/D and they all wanted to get into Ifrit Battle.
– A (Tank) chooses option to want to match with players in the same world
– B (DPS) chooses option to match with anyone from everywhere
– C (DPS) chooses option to match with anyone from everywhere
– D (Healer) chooses option to want to match with players in the same world

A will go into waiting to match with DPS/DPS/Healer in the same world
D will go into waiting to match with TANK/DPS/DPS in the same world
B and C will go into waiting to match with TANK/DPS/Healer

If we only had the option to match with anyone from everywhere, these 4 will instantly be able to challenge Ifrit. However by having this option it will cause delay until it will be matched.

Sure “A and D can wait the matching, and if it wasn’t successful to switch to all worlds” how much one can wait will vary.

A waited 5 minutes, but D waited 7 minutes, in this case in order to get the 4 players grouped we need to wait for player D for 7 minutes. During this 7 minutes player B and D wouldn’t know why they aren’t being matched yet. If they can wait, then that isn’t a problem, but say B got tired of waiting and logged out, or joined a different party using /shout, or switched the role to Healer. Next when you put up a request to match with entire world, you won’t be matched.

So, if one person chose the option and they simply switch to option 2 it would just simply mean for others to wait, but if everyone has this option, it will greatly decrease the amount of matches created.

Also, say we switch to have it where there is a 5 minute limit, and make it where the finder cancelled once at that 5 minute mark, the timing in which each player’s request on Duty Finder will vary, so it doesn’t mean it will match within that 5 minute time, if that continues, matching will never occur.

The above is an extreme example with 4 players, but even if a small group just uses this same world matching option, because of that option the rate of overall matching will decrease.

After official launch, by looking at the population for each role and the entire matching speed, we may most likely ease in the minimum required role to cover the missing roles for low and high level content, have a multi role where you can place request for both TANK and DPS.

However, our first priority is to be able to form party at ease, and be able to get into party play when they want to play. So what is important first is to get that goal cleared and have players feel “Hey this Finder stuff is useful!” at the timing of ARR service start.
Matching algorithm

Also, regarding the algorithm used when matching is done, the algorithm is made so it prioritizes quick matching, so we don’t have a system in which it prioritized matching with those within the same world.

By doing this it will make that one person go through many matching groups, and even if it’s done through the first time, it will cause an effect on the 2nd matching search and end up taking longer (trying to explain detailed stuff simple).

In a MMORPG the most popular role is DPS. There are two slots of DPS classes in a light party, so compared to TANK and Healer it’s double slots. The algorithm is being careful to make sure for these 2 DPS slots to not have the same class/job and separate from close range and long range, that’s about it. If you can match with 1 Tank / 1 Melee DPS / 1 Range DPS / 1 Healer, you could pretty much enjoy the party play. For this one the programmer made it work and not go through the matching search loops multiple times.
(Although, if that setup can’t be matched it will take other option)
Additional features up until product release.

Currently the Duty Finder is going through stress test in test phase 3, up until product release, we will go through the following additional process, and address feedbacks.
– Have a feature to kick those who went offline or got disconnected after being matched
– Check the status when they entered the Finder (like while they were going through warp)
– Have a announcement and clear bonus if there is a first time player within the party.
– Have a retry option for the same party

In other games there is a player kick feature which can be done by poll, but this feature can be used wrongly at times for example when item loot drops, so we are carefully thinking about this feature.
Aside from this we are looking into a penalty system for those that leave the party right after matching on purpose
(It also helps prevent from those falsely using the feature)

We will continue to add features time to time even after game is fully operating.

Recently I have seen lots of people saying “FFXIV:ARR feels more like a MO”, how people think of this is different, so I think it’s OK.

But, from alpha to phase 3-3 test we haven’t see much of this talk. (Not everyone but it was a lot less), all the dungeons are instanced, and nothing has changed in content placement. From the fourth test stress test for Duty Finder was released, and I believe the amount of party invite /shouts did decrease as well as amount of chat that happens inside the instanced dungeon. (I am playing as well).

I think it’s pretty easy to run through instanced dungeons using the Duty Finder (Was created for that reason). But, currently in phase 3 the main quest is only released up until Lv20, and up till then you go through Sastasha, Tamtara, Copper Bell, you only go through these dungeons once in order to progress through the quest . (In product version we will release sub quests from Lv15-lv20 as well) along with that Ifrit battle is instance content for the main content. Rest of the dungeons are not running along with actual product release version.

In phase 3, main quest and class quests are locked, and there isn’t much effective options available post level 20 . There isn’t much test timing as well so the priority become to leveling.

And of course, running through easy dungeons many times would be the easiest but at same time repeating it over will make it boring, once you get used to it, it feels like work, and will lessen the amount of communication.
I understand the fear people have, when each time is it’s own and making it hard to make a community.

However, it’s matter of having the Finer and nothing has changed from the contents that was there up till 3-3 test. There are those that went into dungeons for the first time because the finder was released.

Up until now I have played many MMORPG and online games, but there were lots of friends that quit at the beginning, thinking they can’t form parties, they don’t want to party with people they don’t know, they don’t want to cause trouble to the party play.

I always explained to them, “all you need to do is just /shout anyone wanna go dungeon?” or “you don’t have to chat as much as you think”, or “everyone is kind to beginners so you don’t have to worry about being in their way.” But was told many times “it’s not going to work…” and that was sad, up until now MMORPG was something that can be played with those who have enough skill and environment to play.

I have many friends from playing all the MMORPG’s and Online games, those people will chat and join parties and get into contents. That’s also the good part about MMORPG, you do it with everyone together. I understand that as well.

But, that happens because they know how to get it together, so of course it’s possible. It’s my job to also go after those many other people who couldn’t do that and gave up and have them play it.

There isn’t much difference in tech for MMO and MO.
Only difference is you have a large field and large amount of items, and large scale update that changes the world , and a world where few thousand people can run around together. But I feel that having a enormous field and all the small things that happen on the field, and the boss fights at the end of the dungeon, and running into new places riding your chocobo, spending time talking to your friends, everything is part of MMORPG.

FFXIV ARR is about to go through a new start as a MMORPG.
No only as a product release, but as a FF series, and MMORPG, being able to do anything, I am willing to continue updating the contents. This also goes for events on the field.

Many players sharing in the same world, Free Companies partying at Costa del Sol. Solo players fishing at the end of the beach, and players going through guild leve fighting Colibris. Two buddies riding chocobo exploring the world, players that came to watch Miqo’te in their swim suit, while watching the group partying, while crafting waiting for Duty Finder to match.

There are many types of players involved at that every moment, you may just pass by them but there are times you making friends with them. That is what I think of MMORPG, and I want to create that type of Eorzea with everyone.

Just think of Duty Finder as something that increases the population playing, and it’s something that increases a chance to meet with someone. Thanks!


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