Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – Enemy Rank and Icon Adjustments

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Originally Posted by Hiroshi_Minagawa

Thank you for all the feedback!
Based on everything we’ve received, we will be addressing this in phase 4 as outlined below.First, as a refresher, here’s how it worked in phase 3.

  • The icon’s shape/size indicates the monster’s rank. (*I will explain this later)
  • The icon’s color indicates whether it is non-aggressive (yellow) or aggressive (red).

In phase 2, the red icon indicated a monster was aggressive; however, in phase 3 we changed this so that the icon itself displayed the monster’s passive/aggressive stance, as well as rank, and the icon’s color would indicate whether a monster was active or inactive.

Yellow Unclaimed
(EXP / credit in hunting log / quest items / loot awarded if claimed and defeated)
Red Claimed by You or Your Party
(EXP / credit in hunting log / quest items / loot awarded upon defeat)
Orange Unclaimed, yet Attacking You or Your Party
(EXP / credit in hunting log / quest items / loot awarded if claimed and defeated)
Purple Claimed by Another Party or Individual
(EXP / credit in hunting log / quest items awarded if sufficient damage contributed)

Display Name Icons

Indicates that the enemy will attack if you draw too near. Enemies without this icon are deemed ‘passive’ and will only attack if provoked.
Quest Target
Indicates that the target is one of your current quest objectives.

Aspects to be fixed in the upcoming phase 4.

Issues have arisen where it is difficult to discern icons due to the fact we incorporated the active/inactive icon into the colored icon displaying monster rank in order to reduce display lag, and we will be making two adjustments to this.Adjustments to the color display for inactive/active on rank icons:

  • Non-aggressive: bluish green
  • Aggressive: yellowish orange

Additionally, we will have marks that indicate aggressive/non-aggressive on rank icons.

  • Rank icon (for non-aggressive)
  • Rank icon (for aggressive: displays the aggressive icon)

We will be placing two images into one icon, so there is still only one icon displayed and there will be no draw lag.
*There needs to be two types for with or without the icon image, but we will be making adjustments to go along with the other aspects of the UI that are constantly displayed.

The reason for having an aggressive icon was posted on the forums in the past, so I will omit this explanation.
In phase 4, it will be possible to hide the UI and still do battle.
For those of you who want to focus more on the environment around you, I’m sure it will be fun to try and play the game in first-person only without any UI. 

Monster ranks (*)

It’s quite common that a monster’s strength is defined by level.
It’s pretty much the same in ARR; however, to go into a bit more detail about the meaning of “level,” the enemy levels in XIV that are displayed show what level enemy a player should be fighting. In other words, if an enemy is shown to be level 10, this would be a perfect opponent for a level 10 player. Based on this definition, amongst the enemies that should be fought at level 10, we’ve defined extremely strong enemies that cannot be defeated one-on-one by rank. Regular enemies, enemy leaders, notorious monsters, bosses, and such are displayed through rank.

* Since the implementation and reasoning behind levels is not related to UI, I will refrain from going into any more details on levels and ranks.


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