Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – UI Scaling Is Coming!

UPDATE 08/16/2013 – I see a lot of hits to this page and wanted to give an updated tutorial. Happy Customizing!

FINALLY! So excited to hear this bit of news, was almost 99.99% sure they were going to do it anyways since it makes a tonne of sense, however did not want to hype it too much without official news, and here it is!

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Originally Posted by Hiroshi_Minagawa

In phase 4 we will be introducing a feature that will allow you to individually toggle the sizes of each kind of window including the HUD.
To start out the below three sizes will be possible:

  • 80% (smaller)
  • 100% (standard)
  • 120% (larger)

Below are a couple of things to note about this as well:

  • You can indicate different sizes for each window.
  • The display size is saved on a window to window basis and will be maintained even if you re-open a window.
  • The size settings will be saved even when logging in again.

Display process-wise it is possible to address this for 5% or even 300% size changes, so after launch we will be expanding the customizability range to be 50%-200% and making it possible to make even more minute changes.

*These size changes will also apply to buffs/debuffs since they are part of the HUD.
*These changes can also be made on the PS3 version.

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