Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – Crafting Adjustments

Although we performed a number of tests on crafting during Phase 3, we decided not to release any details since we were 100% certain it would be rebalanced. Today, the devs confirmed this news, quoted below.

On a personal note, I never thought they’d keep the system the way it is, I should not be able to hq from nq 100% of the time. However, I think any character with all crafts at 50 should be able to enjoy the benefits of having more abilities to choose from, over another player who does not want to have all level 50s. From the post below, and some other changes made towards difficulty, it does worry me that the game may pander too much to the casual crowd, which is fine and dandy. Just make sure to also add in content for the not so casual crowd then! It’s an age old debate of casual vs hard core, so there has to be some allowances here and there.

To cut to the chase, we’re aware of the current situation with using NQ material to create HQ items, and believe this to be an undesirable situation. There have been a lot of excellent points made already, but these are the three primary reasons:

  • The use of NQ material to create HQ items with such a high success rate undermines the value of HQ material, which also undermines the value of gathering classes.
  • Players would be able to easily create HQ items regardless of recipe difficulty.
  • Because the actions used to achieve these results are limited to certain classes, players may feel forced to level classes they have no interest in. Although we’d like to encourage players to try different crafting classes for the actions they can learn, the use of actions from other classes in this way was not intended. Therefore, these actions will have to be adjusted.

As mentioned above, we will be adjusting the crafting class actions to find a better balance between the crafting of NQ and HQ items.
As we work on these adjustments, we’d like to avoid restrictions on what actions can be borrowed from other classes. However, please keep in mind that any changes made will be done with the balance of the in game economy in mind.

After looking over everyone’s feedback, here are a few of the changes planned for crafting classes.
(Please keep in mind any adjustments are subject to change)

  1. Tricks of the Trade and Comfort Zone, which are used to recover CP, have been deemed to be too potent, and will therefore be adjusted.
  2. Adjustments are being made so that players will need to choose which situations are best to use CP recovery skills. This will not affect the probability of creating HQ items.
  3. In addition to the changes stated in 1, the use of certain actions together allowed players to craft indefinitely. To prevent this, the actions used to do so will also be adjusted.
  4. Actions that are difficult to use due to their cost will have their CP costs and effects adjusted.
  5. Actions with costs disproportionate to their effects will have their costs adjusted.
  6. Certain actions will have their CP costs adjusted in line with the changes outlined in 1-4.

As always, if you have any additional feedback regarding crafting actions, or recipe parameters such as quality and durability, we’d like to hear what you have to say!


4 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – Crafting Adjustments

  1. Nuuuuu, don’t let them nerf crafting Aque ; ;
    Guess it applies to stuff I haven’t experience yet (craft level 50). I haven’t run into 100% HQ at lower levels, so maybe those changes won’t really affect me… /crossesfingers

    • We’ll see what it affects XD I basically took a bunch of NQ materials and made HQ accessories out of it with 100% success rate. It does take a while and skill is involved but in reality it is pretty broken, it should never be that easy for anyone XD

      My friend Aizen spent hours and hours coming up with the crafting formula and we both think that there is actual strategy and formulation, so if you know your craft abilities well and use it in the opportune moment, you should be able to HQ pretty frequently.

      But again… 100% HQ is too much XD <333 It's better they fix this now then decide during Phase 4 that it is indeed too much and they choose to wipe Phase 4 progress IEWWW

  2. Thank you !! I crafted in FFXI for over a year and never got one craft to cap level, which I appreciated. I like the system in ARR and the cross use abilities. I am also glad to see the focus on the economy. I am somewhat disturbed that the devs responsible for the crafting system did not realize that adjustments were needed on their own. Listening to the community is a benefit, but I saw the troubles in an instant, before even playing. Just looking at the cross abilities tells you there are issues. Anyways, please make reaching goals a feat, not just another destination. Casual players will always find things to do and hardcore players should have lofty and difficult goals.

    • Hello Alley Cat, thanks for the thoughtful comment, agree with your points. I think YoshiP will get there eventually, but right now I suspect they need to gain as many users as they can to financially recoup. Again it makes sense to do it this way. If he continues with the same speed of patches and content additions in 2.0 as he did in 1.0, we’ll see some normalizing of casual and hardcore activities. /fangirls XD…. but in all honesty yes I hope they do not dumb down the game too much. His recent statement of “Bahamut’s dungeon will aim to kill players” makes me excited lol

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