Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – Naoki Yoshida Teases Players with End Game Content

As usual, I do not spend my time on the forums stalking YoshiP … nopes ; ; ok maybe I do! But I found the following post.  Will update once official translation is up!

UPDATE 07/24/2013 – Official Translation of YoshiP’s post below so I removed the Original JP text and Community Translation

Producer and Director Yoshida here.

Though I will be touching on this in the next Letter from the Producer, I’m happy to say that the development team is working hard towards release and are currently making the final adjustments to the latter-half of the scenario, as well as the battle content. I’m participating in these checks personally, of course, and we’re also enlisting all of the hardcore MMO players in the company to help out.

Battle with Rhitahtyn sas Arvina from the Garlean Empire
End game dungeon

This is part of the latter-half of the scenario, and it’s a battle you can use the duty finder with. Oh, and it looks like there are some pet jobs present…

Demon Wall in Amdapor Keep
Demon Wall?

This is a high-difficulty dungeon for four level 50 players after clearing the scenario.
It’s filled with things we couldn’t do in version 1.0 and you can bet it’s hard. 

Garuda Battle (Hard)
End game dungeon

This is the hard Garuda battle that was in version 1.0. We’ve made adjustments for ARR’s battle system as well as other changes. I hope all you version 1.0 players check it out!


Personally, I’m typically a mouse and keyboard kind of guy, but I’m often checking content using gamepad mode. Once adjustments have been completed, I go to the PS3 version and do a final check just to be sure.

Also, in the debug commands shown, everyone’s DPS is displayed in the log and adjustments are made based on the data we gather for how much DPS it will take to defeat an enemy in relation to the ideal DPS value. (Even I get a little excited when people start talking about checking DPS, but for the time being we don’t have any plans on adding a DPS command. Sorry about that. )

Even though we say we’re busy checking everything, we are sitting here playing and cheering and having a good time, so to all the other staff, it just looks like we’re playing around.

We’re almost ready, so hang in there!



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