New Keyboard and Monitor, wooo!

This is for Vanh, who asked to know when I bought new toys lol

Monitor – an Asus 27″, nopes did not go for next res up coz it’s too spendy, we price matched this one at Frys to 250 bucks wootttt, so I used the extra funds I was going to dump in a monitor upgrading fans etc.

Yesterday, I went in to office all day, usually hubby brings me coffee coz he’s a sweetie muahaha, but yesterday he forgot! So when he got home, he brought this little baby home instead!

Logitech G600

Logitech G600 MMO Gaming mouse. I’ve wanted the Razer Naga for a while but due to our inability reconcile dislike of the ‘online’ requirements among other things, we’ve held off. We do love Logitech products so yay!

Back view

Back of box!


The packaging is reminiscent of the Raxer Naga… lol


Sleek and prettier! It’s smaller than my previous mouse, so will take getting used to

It Glows!

The keypad glows multicolored! I took a video of it but lighting was pretty bad and I forgot to manual control lol


14 thoughts on “New Keyboard and Monitor, wooo!

  1. Very nice! I’m still using the Logitech MX Revolution myself… kinda wish it had a couple more buttons, but holy crap that’s a lot! Also run dual 27″ monitors for work, though mine are Samsung. Love working from home… tax write-offs galore!

    • I wanted tech bling for xiv but also cause I have a few other projects I’m putzing around with XD I am very very very happy that they confirmed UI scaling since now my screen will fit more hotbars /makes cluttery wow end game UI

  2. What??? Where’s the new “Keyboard”??? But holy balls! What a crazy looking MOUSE!

    Yay, 27″. That’s an awesome price if it supports 2560×1440 resolution. There’s some 27″ out there that only support standard 1080p (1920×1080), which wouldn’t do you any better (for FFXIV HUD at least) than a 23-24″.

    Can’t wait to see how you arrange your HUD for phase4~ /nosy

    • That’s what I said! /smacks, It’s the same res as what I have now 1080, which is fine lol coz the 24″ right next to it was the same price, I might as well be able to open two documents side by side for work lol. But yeah they dont even stock the higher res ones in store and no way I was going to pay a grand for it lol

      • On a side note, I did buy a wireless keyboard but nothing fancy… it was replace the much older one which had keys missing from it lol

  3. Going to Hyperion. I blame Fuji for emailing me out of the blue to test out the beta. Going to remake my cat with new hair color.

    How’s the name Nuyu Panthera or Nuyu Catnap

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