#FFXIV A Realm Reborn – Reinheart Translates – Currently No Plans for Hangul Support

Please note that things change all the time, dev does say that they have not tried to use two different font types in order to enable additional written language support but this may change in the future. I’m sure if there are lots of Korean speaking players asking for Hangul support they will look into it more, so if this important to you make sure to write thoughtful comments and feedback to the devs! Hwaiting!

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Originally Posted by Hiroshi_Minagawa

First off, I would like to mention that we currently do not have any plans to address the ‘display’ of other language text input aside from the 4 languages supported officially. For that reason, I am sorry to tell you that we don’t have any plans to support displaying Hangul characters. 

Unicode encoding is used in this game, therefore under process it’s possible to handle Hangul, Hebrew, or the many kanji’s used in Chinese.


XIVの中では 〓 記号で表示されます。
So for example on Windows version you can enter Hangul or Hebrew text and paste them inside XIV’s chat.
However, since the font data needed for display is not existing, those pasted text which isn’t supported will show up in XIV with 〓character display. This is what we mean by not addressing the ‘display’

新生XIVは UIの文字表示を極力高速化するために、
Currently, there are 2 main reasons why it’s hard to address the display.
First being that we need to hold off the memory usage from the font data. In order to get the UI’s text display speed at it’s best optimized we placed a bitmap font data on the application end. Hangul text has many characters, and to be able to display the character it requires allocation of large video memory.
The memory space we have available for PS3 version is really tight, so we have removed not only Hangul but all special Unicode characters from the font.

本作で使用している AXIS Font という書体にハングルが含まれていません。
そのため、AXIS Font に別のハングル書体を結合する必要があります。
AXIS Fontについて
2nd reason is pretty simple, in this game we are using a font type named AXIS Font, and Hangul is not included in this font type. So in order to use Hangul character we need to combine a different font type along with AXIS Font. This is something the dev team hasn’t tried, so we are not sure how much work is required to make this possible.
Regarding AXIS Font type, this font type uses both Japanese and English and was prepared for design magazines, and this font type has a good position balancing which makes it easy for viewers to read the text in Japanese, English, German, French chat. 

Please understand that because of above reasons, currently we are officially supporting Japanese, English, German and French language, text. 


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