EverQuest Next World Debut on SOE Twitch Live Stream

If you have not watched the EQ Next debut videos, I recommend you do so! I watched it live and was pretty excited by what they mentioned. A lot of remains to be seen, whether they’re just hyping up a concept or will they actually deliver on the great ideas.

I have always wondered why MMOs did not try to do the following things:
– more dynamic mob AI
– user created content
– true 3D explorable worlds
– EVE style skill learning instead of ‘leveling’
– playing in an environment where the AI, players and surroundings react to each other
– unlimited ability to troll other players using the environment >.> what!

EQ Next apparently is going to try all this… so I can only hope they successfully do it because it’ll be an exciting time for MMOs

And because WordPress won’t let me embed twitch videos 😦 here are the links!


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