#FFXIV Faeries Reborn! Project Manager M shares Faerie Images

Copyright (C) 2010 — 2013 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved


Close up of Scholar faeries. Much like the Fae kind in FFXI, these companions will also heal and buff your party!

Pink Fairie

Fairies will have different abilities to assist their Scholar masters, YES MASTER /nods

More Fairies!

Adorable flying fairies aside… from what we have uh… uncovered >.> about Scholar in the past week… it’s going to be a very very interesting job


Scholars will be the aoe healing and buffing class in FFXIV ARR, some of their abilities appear to be hastega >.> I am speculating and not referring to anything in particular la la la >.>

Scholars galore

Scholar garb for all races!


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