#FFXIV : A Realm Reborn Updates from Development Team

Compiled a few updates from the development team in one easy to peruse list!

Character Creator

  • Current benchmark character creator closely matches Phase 4 creator
  • Player can control vertical position of camera  on PC by scrolling up and down, this function should be available for PS3 as well by launch

Equipment Changes
1.0 ‘class’ specific gear has been retooled to be wearable by certain classes and it’s jobs, effectively making them ‘role’ specific instead of being locked down to one specific ‘class’. I’ll explain a bit more on this in case you have not played 1.0.

  • If you are unfamiliar with the ‘discipline, class, jobs’ terminologies, please read my article detailing the armoury system here.
  • In version 1.0 they created a set of gear that was specifically designed for certain classes (example: Gryphonskin, Vanya and Heavy Darksteel set). These were very difficult to craft and required rare HQ ingredients and had an involving but rewarding crafting workflow.
  • In 2.0, these sets are designed to fit certain roles instead of classes.
  • Exampe: in 1.0 we only had Gryphonskin Tunics which were wearable by PUG and ARC, in 2.0 we instead get a Gryphonskin Tunic (ARC/BRD) and a Gryphonskin Jerkin (PUG/MNK). Alternatively, the Vanya set was available only for THM in 1.0, but in version 2.0 it is now available for THM/BLM/ACN/SMN/SCH
  • For details on some of these types of gear, please read my article on starter end game gear choices based on Phase 3 data. Please note that this list is very incomplete and we will see additional gears being added for all the different roles. (Example: for CNJ/WHM etc.)

A ‘fast craft’ function will definitely be added! YoshiP mentioned last year that for mass production of parts and certain items we would be allowed to specify amount to craft and just click a button. This is confirmed for launch. How it will work:

  • Must have at least 1 craft to level 10 in order to unlock this ‘skill
  • Must have already previously crafted the recipe
  • Once ability is acquired, it can be used on the other crafting classes
  • Can select if you wish to use HQ materials (though, I’m sure you won’t want to waste HQ materials unless they are going to allow us to insta craft HQ items…  .   . . . . ….. yeah I didn’t think so!)
  • Probably not encouraged for ‘leveling’ crafting since I’m pretty sure the exp will be crap/non existent using this method

UI Tweaks and Updates

  • Any hotbar slots not being used can be set to transparent so your screen will look cleaner
  • The gamepad cross hotbar has been adjusted to allow ‘dissapear when inactive’ mode. This will be available during Phase 4 and launch.
    (my notes: the community is asking for them to give this mode to regular hotbars as well, so we’ll see! In fact, we should be able to set the chat box become completely transparent when inactive too, loved this feature from 1.0!)

Chocobos and Emotes – Oh my!
They’re adding in ability to do certain emotes while mounted or seated on an object (chairs/boxes/sofas etc.) during Phase 4, yay!! I know it’s not a big deal but it’s kind of nice to have little fun things that add character to the game 🙂 The following emotes will be available at launch:

  • /wave
  • /cheer
  • /lookout

And a quick reminder for Letter From the Producer VIII this Thursday 08/08/2013 at 5am PST! Yes… I am totally getting up early to watch ^_^


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