#FFXIV A Realm Reborn – Letter From Producer Live VIII – Q&A Updates

Letter from the Producer LIVE Part VIII Q&A Updates

At the start of the broadcast, we’ll be using this thread to post the Q&A from the Letter from the Producer LIVE Part VIII!

Watch the stream live at: http://www.twitch.tv/finalfantasyxiv

As we’ll be updating this thread constantly throughout the event, make sure to reload every so often! We’ll be posting the questions that Yoshida answers to Twitter and linking to this thread for the answers. However, please keep in mind that translations won’t be occurring in real-time.

Please note that after we create the full Q&A summary, it will be posted in the normal “Letter from the Producer” forum and this thread will be removed. While we will prepare the full Q&A summary after the event, there will not be subtitles made available for the video after the fact.

See you back here at 5 a.m. (PDT) / 8 a.m. (EDT) / 12:00 (GMT)

(Aque’s Note: I’ll also be posting the summaries on the blog as it happens as well as my take on the answers!)


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