Aque’s Plans for August 2013! Final Fantasy XIV Binge GO GO?

So… I was making my ‘gaming’ calendar which has been sadly empty since 1.0 went down… and realized that this month is almost entirely FFXIV related, HURRAY!

Some of my to-do list will include the following:

  • Squeeze in about 60 hours of work during weekdays, per usual
  • Spend copious amounts of time bugging the heck out of Hubby while he’s trying to Kerbal (really though those poor poor kerbals ; ; how dare he keep blowing them up!)
  • Finish up all fragments in FF13-2
  • Install new SSD and re-install every software for PC #2
  • ‘Test’ Phase 4 uh huh, arcanist to 20 in first hour let’s go
  • Virtually attend Gamescom, live stream Launch event and Pax Prime
  • All the while playing FFXIV mind you /nods
  • Plan for September… woot!
Aque's August

My gaming August


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