#FFXIV A Realm Reborn – Community Rep Hvinire clarifies role of Fishing in 2.0

I am an avid crafter/gatherer in every game I play, and I was not upset to hear that Fishing will be simplied and made RMT proof as well (or hopes to). Some members of the community is determined to have the old ‘mini game’ system involved, and really, when I go fishing, I just want to sit around and relax, not be stressed. I can get the excitement from meeting that rare Achievement!

The following is Hvinire’s post regarding fishing and it’s role in 2.0:

As Yoshida brought up in previous Letter from the Producer LIVE, fishing is designed to be a casual concept that can be enjoyed between battle content or while waiting for Duty Finder matching or for your friends to log in.

While fishing, your catches will go into your inventory, and you are able to both sell it back to the market, use it as an ingredient in your food recipes, or use it immediately for bait to lure in different fish. You can also fish up coral to be used in various accessories and even more surprising items.


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