Stat Allocation for Class and Job in #FFXIV A Realm Reborn – Clarifications

Hvinire’s quote!

In version 1.0, stats could be allocated for both the class and for the job. However, in A Realm Reborn, you will now only be able to allocate points for the class itself. As you know, the arcanist branches into two jobs (Summoner and Scholar) and as Yoshida explained in the Letter from the Producer LIVE, it will be up to players to decide how the want to allocate their stats on arcanist. Players can focus on one job or the other; or choose the respective stat to enhance – like if you want to focus on scholar’s healing, you can choose MND or if you want to focus on scholar’s DPS capabilities, you can choose INT. You can also take a “middle of the road” approach and maintain a good balance.

Beyond that, as Yoshida mentioned, we’ll also be preparing gear with varying stats (beyond the type that players have seen thus far) that players can utilize to focus on specific stats.

Okay… I got as much from the Live Letter but here is re-confirmation. This will make it interesting when choosing where to distribute points. Since they’re going to add more jobs per class later, everyone will have to make this choice, choose to be better at one job over the other or be ‘balanced’. Currently only players choosing Arcanist will need to make this choice since we only have 1 known Job per class, so if you are going gla > pld, then you can dump all your extra points into stat now.

Hopefully the process of changing these stats will not be too cumbersome. From what I gather in the Live Letter they will add a way for us to change stat allocation via an item whose source is currently unknown. +30 stat at level 50 really advantages the job you are on so, we’ll need to do some testing to see how much DPS difference a ‘balanced’ player is. Can’t wait to test some stuff out in Phase 4!

If any of this is confusing you, read this, hopefully it will clarify the class > job distinction and relationship. If you need even more clarification on stats and what it currently does as of Phase 3, read this!


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