FFXIV: ARR Beta Phase 2 – Sound Feedback


Feedback Status Comment
The sound when the game starts is too loud. Please change this. Addressed in Beta Phase 2 The volume has been adjusted in Beta phase 2.
The level up fanfare overlaps with the battle music, so could you make it so the music ends a bit earlier when you level up? Addressed in Beta Phase 2 The development team is aware of this issue and has addressed it in Beta phase 2!
The sound effect for sprint is a bit too much. Could you tone it down a little? Addressed in Beta Phase 2 The sound effect for sprint is being adjusted to be less distinct.
The clicking sound when reading through NPC dialogue is a bit irritating after a while. Could you please change this sound? Addressed in Beta Phase 2 This sound has been made softer in Beta phase 2.
Please adjust the high-frequency sound that plays every time the character attacks an enemy. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 Some adjustments have been made in Beta phase 3. However with the speakers that are built inside the monitor, the drive unit is very small and only high-frequency sound will play so changing the sound system may help.
When participating in a FATE, once the fanfare plays the gap before the background music plays again is rather long. Could you shorten this? Addressed in Beta Phase 3 There is a possibility that the opening fanfare may force a ducking effect due to lag, but we have filled in this gap!
Taverns and inns are places where people congregate, but you can’t hear anyone talking. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 In phase 3, a crowd noise will now play in the areas where people are gathering so a livelier Eorzea is coming!
The music for gathering leves is the same as battlecraft leves, which does not really match well. Also, there is no music for crafting leves. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 In Beta phase 3, dedicated music for gathering leves will start to play. Also the music will not play during crafting.
I don’t recall hearing any voice from Disciples of Magic during the battle. There’s only a sound of battle effects and that’s kind of dreary. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 In Beta phase 3, Disciples of Magic will now have a voice when they cast spells.
The sound volume for music played when using a chocobo porter is too low. Addressed in Beta Phase 3 The issue has been corrected in Beta phase 3.
When switching from earphones to speakers or removing the audio plug and putting it back in the sound doesn’t play back. Continuing to investigate We are currently working on the solution along with Microsoft for switching sound devices while playing the game. However, we haven’t come up with a solution that is compatible on various environments as of now. We will continue to work on this matter but we may ask for your cooperation.
Please allow us to select the sound that plays when we skip the message in cutscenes. Continuing to Discuss We will continue to add sound variations after launch within our memory limitations.
Can you make it possible to turn down the volume for battle sound effects that come from other player’s or other sound effects that are not from yourself? Continuing to Discuss We are working to have this feature implemented by Beta phase 4 or shortly after launch.
I would like to hear the music from version 1.0 in ARR. Continuing to Discuss There are already songs from version 1.0 that can be heard in Beta phase 3. There is also a high possibility that we use 1.0 songs when they fit the world of ARR moving forward.
Please add the sound effects of textures to things such as the sound of paper unfurling, which plays when you open a map. Continuing to Discuss We will continue to add sound variations after launch within our memory limitations.
Please make foot step sounds change depending on your equipment. Working as Intended Changes in sound when wearing different equipment has already been implemented.

However, after taking in feedback from Version 1.0 and the Alpha test, we’ve reduced the volume of these effects.

Incidentally, the sounds also changed depending on the surface you’re walking on, so be sure to listen closely in-game.

The background music for dungeons and near aetherytes is really great and I’d like it to keep playing, but this is a personal preference and others may feel different, so could you make it possible to toggle this on or off in the configuration? Working as Intended In FFXIV: ARR there are a variety of different landscapes and we’ve prepared a lot of different field sounds to match them (ambient sound, etc.). We feel that it’s really effective to have a certain song resonate with people and have designed the music and sound so that when you are not doing anything, you can head to your favorite area and get lost in the world by enjoying the sounds of the field. We’ve also made it so there is plenty of music playing in the content that can be played.
When using the “doze” emote for female Miqo’te voice type 1, there is some abnormal noise at the end of it. Could you please fix this? Working as Intended When executing “doze,” the character’s feet move slightly and a foot stepping sound is being made from the terrain, which could be the sound that is getting mixed in.
Please make it possible to mute the audio in a config menu. Working as Intended We’ve made it possible to turn mute on or off via the “Volume Settings” under “Sound Settings” in the System Configuration.
Will character voices be carried over from our 1.0 characters? Working as Intended All character voices are newly recorded, and as a result the old voices from Version 1.0 will not carry over. You will be able to change your 1.0 character one time when beginning ARR, so please select one of the new voices.
Please allow us to mute the sound effect on quest offer and quest completion. No Plans to Address Unfortunately if we increase the number of sliders on sound option, then the config menu will continue to grow overly complicated, so there is no plan to implement this.

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