Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – Beta Test Phase 4 Focus and Servers

  • Testing Requests
    • Stress Testing on the Housing Zones

      “Mist,” the housing area in Limsa Lominsa, will be available for players to explore. Housing samples will be placed in the area for players to take a look at, so please explore the area. The development team will be tracking the server load in the background so feedback will not be necessary.

      * The “Mist” housing area is accessible from Lower La Noscea.

    • Testing the Basic System of PvP
      The PvP content, “The Wolves’ Den,” will be available for players to test. Once players complete the quest “Bowl of Embers,” “The Wolves’ Den” will be added to the duty finder and the PvP battles will be accessible. The development team will monitor the matching precision of the packets sent between the players and see how far of a distance they can successfully attack from, as well as the server load in the background. Therefore, feedback will not be necessary.

      * PvP-specific actions will be unavailable.
      * Since the requirement to enter “The Wolves’ Den” is level 30 and above, only the players who have transferred character data from Version 1.0 are eligible to participate.
      * Please see here for more details on the testing in “The Wolves’ Den.”

      * Housing areas and PvP content will be implemented in patch 2.1.

    In the event that testers are asked to test additional content, separate notifications will be sent.

  • Test Worlds

    For phase 4, the following worlds will be made available. The character data from Beta Test phase 4 will be carried over to the official release version. Once you select a world, you will be unable to change it, so if you are planning to carry over the character data from phase 4, please select the world you are planning to play on in the official release version.

    • Group JP (Japan Data Center)

      Aegis (LEGACY) / Durandal (LEGACY) / Gungnir (LEGACY) / Masamune (LEGACY) / Ridill (LEGACY) / Atomos / Bahamut / Chocobo / Mandragora / Tiamat / Tonberry / Garuda / Ifrit / Ramuh / Titan / Alexander / Anima / Carbuncle / Fenrir / Hades

    • Group NA/EU (North America/Europe Data Center)

      Balmung (LEGACY) / Excalibur (LEGACY) / Hyperion (LEGACY) / Sargatanas (LEGACY) / Ragnarok (LEGACY)* / Adamantoise / Behemoth / Cactuar / Cerberus(*) / Coeurl / Goblin / Malboro / Moogle(*)
      Ultros / Diabolos / Gilgamesh / Leviathan / Midgardsormr / Odin(*) / Shiva(*)

      * Ragnarok / Cerberus / Moogle / Odin / Shiva are recommended for players in the European time zones. Please note this is a recommendation only; players from other regions are free to play on these servers.
      * Brand new characters can also be created on the LEGACY worlds.

      When selecting a World after creating a character, clicking Group NA/EU at the top right of the screen will display a list of worlds available for the North America/Europe region.


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