Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – Open Beta/Phase 4 – Version 1.0 Character Data

  • Transferring Character Data from Version 1.0

    After logging in, clicking World Selection at the character selection screen will now display a list of Worlds including Legacy Worlds. Selecting a World with Version 1.0 character data will display any characters available on said World. For users who have applied for a world transfer, which was held along with the establishment of the data centers in the region outside of Japan, the character data has now been transferred to your destination world.

    Please try selecting your 1.0 characters and confirm your character data has been transferred correctly.

    Please note that due to a number of system changes, certain items can no longer be used or their attributes may have changed. Also, the methods for obtaining certain items and unlocking certain features may have also changed. Please review the following topics for more details on these changes:

    Should you encounter an issue with character transfer, please send a report through the support center (NA/EU).

  • Changing the Appearance of the Characters from Version 1.0
    As announced in the past, the graphics engine has been completely redesigned in FFXIV: ARR and players from Version 1.0 will receive a one-time opportunity to change the race, appearance, Nameday, Guardian and character name of their existing character(s).

    Starting from the Beta Test phase 4, players will be able to make this change when they log into the game with a character transferred from Version 1.0.
    Please note that if the change has been made during the Beta Test phase 4, you will be unable to make a new change in both Early Access and the official launch.

  • Customer Support

    Full customer support, including in-game GM support, will be available as of phase 4.

  • Login Restrictions

    When the login server is heavily congested, testers may receive the following error message when attempting to log in to a world:

    “This World is currently full. Players in queue: XX”

    This message will also indicate the number of players waiting to log in. In the event you receive this error message, please wait until you are automatically logged in to the world.

    Also, depending on the circumstances, we may restrict the number of players allowed to log in to a world. In the event login restrictions are put in place, testers may receive the following error message:

    “This World is currently full. Please wait until an opening is available and try again.”

    In the event you receive this error message, please try logging in at a later time.

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