Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – Scope of Beta Test 4

Scope of Beta Test – Phase 4

This document details the scope of phase 4, temporary restrictions, and planned changes.

  • Scope of Phase 4 Testing

    Playable Races

    • Hyur (Midlander, Highlander)
    • Miqo’te (Seeker of the Sun, Keeper of the Moon)
    • Elezen (Wildwood, Duskwight)
    • Roegadyn (Sea Wolf, Hellsguard)
    • Lalafell (Plainsfolk, Dunesfolk)
      *Players can create up to eight characters per world, with a maximum combined total of 40 characters across all worlds.

    Playable Classes

    • Disciples of War
      • Gladiator
      • Pugilist
      • Marauder
      • Lancer
      • Archer
    • Disciples of Magic
      • Conjurer
      • Thaumaturge
      • Arcanist
    • Disciples of the Land
      • Miner
      • Botanist
      • Fisher
    • Disciples of the Hand
      • Carpenter
      • Blacksmith
      • Armorer
      • Goldsmith
      • Leatherworker
      • Weaver
      • Alchemist
      • Culinarian
        * Starting classes are restricted to Disciples of War and Magic. Additional classes may be unlocked after completing the level 10 quest of your starting class by speaking with the receptionist of the corresponding guild. Characters transferred from Version 1.0 will retain previously acquired classes. However, additional classes must be unlocked through their corresponding guilds.
        * No starting city houses all class guilds. After reaching a certain point in the main scenario, players will be free to travel to other city-states and enlist in the guilds within.

    Playable Jobs

    The following jobs will be accessible to characters who had obtained them in Version 1.0.

    • Paladin
    • Monk
    • Warrior
    • Dragoon
    • Bard
    • White Mage
    • Black Mage
      * Job quests will be available at the start of official service.

    Level Cap

    • Level 20
      * Characters transferred from Version 1.0 above level 20 will retain their levels, but cannot level further.

    Starting City

    • Limsa Lominsa
    • Gridania
    • Ul’dah
      * A character’s starting city will be determined by their starting class.

    Accessible Areas

    • All areas that will be available at release can be accessed during phase 4.
      In order to facilitate ongoing testing, Mist, the Limsa Lominsa housing area, and the Wolves’ Den Pier, the PvP reception area, will be made available.


    • Clear
    • Sunny
    • Cloudy
    • Fog
    • Wind
    • Gales
    • Rainy
    • Showers
    • Thunder
    • Thunderstorms
    • Dust Storms
    • Sandstorms
    • Heat Wave
    • Snow
    • Blizzards
    • Gloom
      * Weather will vary depending on the region.


    • Day/Night cycle

    Control Options

    • Mouse and keyboard
    • Gamepad
      * The PlayStation 3 version will support gamepad only.

    Accessible Content

    • Quests
      • Main Story: Level 20 and below
      • Sub-Quests: Level 20 and below
        * The quest “A Relic Reborn” will be available starting in phase 4. Players who accepted this quest in Version 1.0 will be able to resume their progress after reaccepting it in FFXIV: ARR.
      • Class Quests: Level 20 and below
    • Guildleves
      • Battlecraft Leves: Level 20 and below
      • Tradecraft Leves: Level 20 and below
      • Fieldcraft Leves: Level 20 and below
    • Guildhests: Level 20 and below
    • Full Active Time Event(FATE)
      These events occur periodically in real time around Eorzea, and can be joined by simply showing up and participating before one ends.
    • Instanced Dungeons
      • Sastashia Seagrot (Level 15 to 18)
      • Tam-Tara Deepcroft (Level 16 to 19)
      • Copperbell Mines (Level 17 to 19)
      • Halatali (Level 20 to 23)
    • Hunting Log
      • Hunting log objectives for Disciples of War and Magic can be completed up to rank four.
      • After enlisting in a Grand Company, a new category will be added to your hunting log.
        * Rank 2 of the Hunting Log cannot be completed during Beta Test phase 4.
  • Fishing Log
    • Fishing hole locations and detailed fish data up to level 50.
  • Free Companies
    Free companies are player-operated organizations used to facilitate group activities. A company petition and three signatures are required to form a free company.
  • Linkshells
    Linkshells allow communication with fellow group members regardless of location.
  • Level Sync
    The level sync system allows players to participate in lower-level duties by temporarily adjusting their characters’ levels for FATE and instanced battles.
  • Duty Finder
    The Duty Finder allows players from different Worlds to quickly and easily match together and participate in dungeons and raids. In order for a particular dungeon or raid to appear in the Duty Finder list, it must first be unlocked by completing prerequisite quests or quest objectives.
    * When using the Duty Finder as a party, all members must meet the requirements to enter the selected instance.
  • Limit Breaks
    Powerful actions executed after filling your party’s limit gauge.
  • Personal Chocobos
    Players can summon personal chocobos by using a chocobo whistle, which can be obtained in exchange for company seals.[
  • Recipes
    • Crafting Recipes: Level 50 and below
    • Quick Synthesis
      Allows players to quickly synthesize multiple items.
  • Gathering
    • Gathering Points: Level 50 and below
  • Fish Guide and Records
    Contains information on all fish caught.
  • Materia Melding
    A gear enhancement system by which materia may be affixed to gear with empty materia slots.
  • Gear Dyeing
    The Dye action allows players to change the color of gear using various colored dyes.
  • Market and Retainers
    After completing a certain quest, players will be able to hire retainers in Limsa Lominsa, Ul’dah, and Gridania.
    Characters transferred from Version 1.0 will have immediate access to any retainers already hired.
  • Minions
    Cherrybomb, mammet #001, and wayward hatchling
  • Achievements
    Players can now earn achievements by slaying monsters, crafting, gathering and so forth.
  • Armoury Chest
    A new addition to the inventory used exclusively to store equipment.
  • Airships
    Airships can be used to travel between the three city-states.
  • Ferries
    The ferry allows for transport between Limsa Lominsa and Western Thanalan in exchange for gil.
  • Restrictions on the Wolves’ Den
    In order to facilitate ongoing development, access to the Wolves’ Den has been restricted in phase 4.
    During phase 4, the Wolves’ Den will be available through the Duty Finder after unlocking the Bowl of Embers.

    You can travel to the Wolves’ Den Pier by speaking with the ferry skipper at the Moraby Drydocks (X:26, Y:35).

    However, because the current implementation of the Wolves’ Den is for testing purposes, we ask that you please be reminded of the following:

    • Only characters above level 30 transferred from Version 1.0 can participate.
    • The Wolves’ Den is scheduled for official release in an update shortly after launch.
    • This is a test to examine how latency influences player interaction in a PvP environment.
    • Players will not have access to PvP exclusive actions during this test.
    • Because this is only a test to examine latency and player interactions, the arena will be accessed in the same manner as an instanced dungeon. Therefore, in the event players are incapacitated before exiting, they will not be revived automatically.

    Data collected from this testing will be used to optimize systems in preparation for the release of PvP. Although there are no specific guidelines for testing PvP, we ask that you use the duty finder when participating in PvP matches. As we continue working to create an enjoyable PvP experience, we thank you for your understanding and cooperation in our testing.

  • Other Beta Test Phase 4 Restrictions
    • Grand Company gear cannot be equipped during phase 4.
    • The ingredients required for the level 20 culinarian quest can only be obtained by a botanist level 21 or higher. Due to the level cap in phase 4, only characters carried over from Version 1.0 that have leveled botanist above level 20 can obtain these ingredients.

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