Battle System Beta Test Phase 3 Feedback – Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Battle System

Feedback Status Comment
It’s hard to distinguish whether a DoT effect applied to a monster is your own or another adventurer’s. Please make it easier to understand. Beta Phase 4 In Beta Phase 4 we’ve adjusted the icons so you can now distinguish between your debuffs and DoTs and other players’ debuffs and DoTs.
Display the distance between a target and the character. Beta Phase 4 In Beta Phase 4 we’ve made each action icon have a red border when you are out of range which helps improve the visibility, so please check it out.
There are times where even though you are out of the monster’s AoE circle you will still be damaged. Please adjust this. Beta Phase 4 In Beta Phase 4 we’ve made adjustments to the animations as well as when damage is registered for each monster.
When attacking as an archer, it’s strange that you can attack without facing towards an enemy, so please fix this. Continuing to Discuss We plan to continuously adjust this.
Make it so you can set target filters to “players only” or “NPCs only” for tab key targeting during battle. Continuing to Discuss We will continuously look into even easier to use targeting controls.
It’s difficult to tell if Cleric Stance is active or not, so please add an effect similar to what thaumaturge has. Continuing to Discuss As we are not able to just increase the design of effects that are displayed full-time without considering the consequences, we would like to look into this carefully.
The recast timers applied to actions when changing classes are too long. Please adjust this. Continuing to Discuss We’d like to carefully look into this and see whether or not balance issues would arise from shortening the recast timer. We’ll check out the balance conditions after launch as we look into easing up on this.
It’s hard to determine if you successfully attacked from the monster’s rear or flank, so please display this with an effect or in the flying text. Continuing to Discuss Displaying additional effects for successful attacks would affect drawing performance as well as the system in general, so once we determine the official release version’s stability, we would like to look into this carefully.
It feels like dragoon only has jumps to utilize and their tactics are rather monotonous. Increase the amount of abilities with additional effects and open up their range of tactics. Working as Intended Dragoon was intentionally designed to be simple, but we do not feel that they have a lack of battle tactics, so please try out various approaches.
When level synced, your main class/job actions are restricted while other class actions and spells that are higher level can still be used. Is this working as intended? Working as Intended Actions that are set from the “Additional Actions” menu can be used regardless of the fact that your level is lower than the level in which it is learned. This was designed like this to help out when leveling up your second class onward.
Increase the effect duration for buffs gained through pugilist and monk actions. No Plans to Address If we were to increase the effect duration any more, it would become too easy to control and it would off-set the balance between other classes/jobs. With that said, the current duration is working as intended.
Add elements such as skillchains from FFXI to the limit break system. No Plans to Address The FFXIV: ARR battles are very fast paced, and limit breaks are a special party ability to break free from dangerous situations. Adding combos or skill chains would result in not being able to use them when you want to use them, and would make them difficult to be a game-changer for high level content, so we do not plan on addressing this. We appreciate your understanding.
Make it so conjurer’s Medica is not based around yourself, but around your target. No Plans to Address There are other healing spells that focus around the target, and we have no plans to change the AOE effect of Medica. We appreciate your understanding.
It’s more efficient to let status ailments heal naturally than using Esuna since the recast timer is too long. Please adjust Esuna’s recast timer. No Plans to Address In high-level dungeons, the need for Esuna will become tremendously higher. You won’t be able to wait for ailments to heal naturally, and in Beta Phase 4 we’ve reduced the recast timer, so it’s usability has been improved quite a bit. Be sure to check it out!
There are not enough MP recovery abilities and there is no choice but to sit and wait for MP to recover naturally. Please revamp MP recovery abilities. No Plans to Address We’ve prepared some kind of MP recovery method for each class and job that uses MP, so look forward to the full list of actions for launch. Also, try using ethers and other medicines too.

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