Character Creation Beta Test Phase 3 Feedback – Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Character Creation

Feedback Status Comment
There are still hairstyles where there is a gap between the head and hair, like in the Miqo’te short hair options. Please address this. Beta Phase 4 We’ve made adjustments to Miqo’te short hairstyles and other things we’ve found so that there is no longer a gap between the head and the hair.
Make it so we can set the camera to a zoomed out position. After Launch After launch, we plan on making adjustments so that this can be addressed by using the Legacy camera setting found under Character Configuration.
It’d be nice to have different colors for starting equipment as well as other variations in race specific equipment depending on the guardian deity chosen. Continuing to Discuss We will be looking into this after launch.
Make it possible to move the location of the legacy mark on our backs. Working as Intended No plans to change this. The current location is where the mark is intended to be displayed. We appreciate your understanding.
Please allow us to add tattoos to our character’s body. Working as Intended Options like that rely on memory, and at this current point in time we will only have what has been implemented. We appreciate your understanding.
Make it possible to change the color of our character’s eyebrows. Working as Intended We will be looking into this after launch.
Please make it possible for us to adjust the size of our character’s buttocks when creating a character. Working as Intended With the current graphics structure, it is not possible to adjust the size of a character’s buttocks. We appreciate your understanding.
It feels like a lot of the options look similar to one another, so please make them more unique. Working as Intended We have no plans to address this at launch, but we would like to make it possible to make yourself more unique when we implement the beauty salon.
When you select your starting class, it would be nice to see some kind of explanation of that class’s role. Working as Intended In order to offer a better understanding of the role of each class in a party, and to enable players to better function as that role, we will continue to make adjustments by enhancing guildhests and adjusting class quests.
Increase the number of hair highlight options. Working as Intended We’ve performed various tests by changing the highlight positioning while looking to see if we could increase the number, but we would like to provide satisfactory quality for everyone and as such we will not be implementing this. We appreciate your understanding.
Please let us set and display a nickname for our character, instead of showcasing our last name. No Plans to Address While it is technically possible to address this, there are many other things that need to be prioritized first, so we will look into whether or not we address this after launch.
Lips appear to be gray on characters with dark hair or skin, so please adjust this. No plans to Address There are times when they will appear like this depending on the lighting and other conditions. We apologize, but we have no plans to address this currently.
Allow us to jump in the character creator. No plans to Address After looking into this, we have decided that we will not be addressing this. We appreciate your understanding.


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