Companions/Mounts Beta Test Phase 3 Feedback – Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn


Feedback Status Comment
Make it possible to use emotes while riding on chocobos. Beta Phase 4 It’s now possible to use emotes while riding on chocobos. Also, there are emotes that can be used while on other mounts. Please be sure to try them out.
Make it possible to know which command has been given to your companion. Early Access/Launch We will address this in the official launch.
Make it possible to extended the time your companion stays out by feeding it, etc. Early Access/Launch Once a companion is called forth, it is designed to withdraw after 30 minutes. At launch we will add an icon which will display the remaining time until your companion leaves.
Make it possible to change the color of chocobo wings and feather tips. Will Address in the Future This is planned to be included in the future chocobo raising content, so please look forward to the update.
Make it possible to set whether or not your companion uses the AoE attacks it learned. Continuing to Discuss We have no plans to make it possible to separately set actions used by companions. However, the development team realizes it is difficult to use your companion’s AOE attacks, and as there are times when this is useful, we will continue to look into this.
Chocobo HP is low and it cannot hold hate very well, making it difficult to act as a tank. Please adjust this. Continuing to Discuss We will continue to make adjustments.
Cures from my companion are often late when in Healer Stance and it makes things a bit dangerous. Please make the cure timing quicker. Continuing to Discuss We plan on revamping the timing in which this is used, but cannot guarantee that it will definitely be changed.
Add flying mounts. Continuing to Discuss We are thinking about having flying mounts that actually fly in the sky be a part of a large expansion in the future. We can’t promise a time period, but this is something quite important to us, so please look forward to a future announcement.
Make it so your companion sits when you use /sit. Continuing to Discuss This is a great idea and we will proactively look into it!
When obtaining chocobo barding that you already possess from grand company seal exchange you cannot sell it or throw it away. Please adjust this. Continuing to Discuss While we can’t promise a time period, we will be adding a system where you can trade these in.
Increase movement speed while mounted. Continuing to Discuss We plan on increasing movement speed with updates, but we’d like to look into this carefully as we monitor latency.
Make it possible to talk to NPCs while riding on chocobos. Continuing to Discuss We’re currently placing emphasis on the world and how the characters inhabit it, and talking while on chocobo is prohibited. This is because there is a possibility that the atmosphere of events and such will be destroyed. While this is possible system-wise, we’d like to look into this carefully while taking these conditions into consideration.
Implement a command that makes your companion evade monster AoE attacks. Continuing to Discuss We’d like to continue to look into improving companion battle AI; however, we do not want to make it so partying with your companion is more beneficial than partying with your fellow adventurers.
When beginning a fight, add a command that will make your chocobo preemptively attack the monster it is targeting. Working as Intended If we were to make it so companions could act automatically it would result in a lot of problems for players, so we’ve made it so they cannot act without the player’s order.
Make it possible to give more specific commands such as do not attack sleeping enemies, etc. Working as Intended We’ve designed the commands given to companions to be extremely simple. We have no plans to make the commands more specific.
Implement a simpler way of mounting/dismounting from personal chocobos as the current method takes up a slot on the hotbar. Working as Intended Since mounting is similar to other actions, we have no plans to change this.
Eliminate the casting timers when calling out a companion. No plans to Address No plans to address this. We appreciate your understanding.

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