Dungeons Beta Test Phase 3 Feedback – Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn


Feedback Status Comment
I don’t understand the whole idea of using the Duty Finder to enter instanced dungeons, so think of ways to make this easier to understand. Beta Phase 4 In Beta Phase 4 we will be bringing back the NPCs located at dungeon entrances. After clearing the quests that open up dungeons, these NPCs can be used as an access point that will pull up the Duty Finder user interface and allow you to enter the dungeon.
Make it so equipment durability cannot go below 1% while in instanced dungeons. Beta Phase 4 The hit to your equipment durability is set as the only penalty for being knocked out; however, in Beta Phase 4 we will be significantly easing up on this.
For certain levels after level 20 it is more efficient to get experience points from FATE and it’s difficult to make parties for dungeons. Please boost the experience points gained while in instanced dungeons. Beta Phase 4 We’ve made adjustments to the amount of experience points gained. Also, since the effects of the rest bonus work very well in dungeons, please be sure to check this out as well.
Separate the ability to roll “Need” on accessories between Disciples of War and Magic. Beta Phase 4 We’ve changed this so that players can only select NEED for gear that suits their class or job, as well as their role.
Please make content more difficult. Early Access/Launch Please look forward to the high-level instanced dungeons and battles that await you later in the game!
Please do something about not being able to use /tell while in dungeons. Working as Intended As we would like the players that are matched in instanced dungeons to be able to communicate casually, we’ve purposefully disabled outside tells. After launch we will monitor the community and look into whether we unlock this feature.
Increase the drop rates of equipment in instanced dungeons. Working as Intended After considering the amount of crafted items in circulation and other elements, we’ve set the drop rate to what it is currently. With that said, we have no plans to address this at the moment.
Make the treasure chests that appear after a boss is defeated be individual rewards. Working as Intended No plans to address this. We appreciate your understanding.


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