Duty Finder Beta Test Phase 3 Feedback – Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Duty Finder

Feedback Status Comment
Please allow players matched with the Duty Finder to retry the Ifrit battle without disbanding. Beta Phase 4 In Beta phase 4 it will be possible to re-try primal fights.
Make it so players doing content for the first time are matched together. Beta Phase 4 In Beta phase 4, players taking on content for the first time or those that have not cleared content yet will be announced to the party and will grant the party reward bonuses for clearing the content with them present.
Please allow players matched with the Duty Finder to retry a dungeon without disbanding. After Launch We are currently looking into a system where you can take on other content once matched with a party via Duty Finder.
There are often times the matching confirmation window will suddenly pop up while waiting for the Duty Finder and you accidentally select cancel. Please adjust this. After Launch We are looking into adding a configuration setting in an update after launch so that when you are invited to a party from a sub-command they are only displayed in the notification widget in the bottom-right of the screen.
In order to make it easier to form parties, make it so it’s known what class is the most needed. After Launch We plan on looking into the implementation of a UI that allows you to know the participation requests for each content.
Besides the Duty Finder, please add a party recruitment feature for the same server. After Launch At launch we are focusing a lot on speedy matching through the Duty Finder. In the event multiple party recruitment systems exist, matching speed would begin to fall. Once everyone gets used to the Duty Finder, we will look into implementing a different party recruitment feature in an update after launch.
Please add a kick feature to the Duty Finder. After Launch We are looking into implementing a feature where party members can vote to kick members in an update after launch.
Make it so the party list name order is fixed in order of roles when matched with the Duty Finder: yourself / tank / healer /DPS. After Launch We are looking into implementing a feature after launch that automatically lines up the roles that were matched, but it will take a bit of time. We appreciate your understanding.
There are players that leave the group after causing problems or MPKing, so please make it so these players cannot press the leave button when they have hate. After Launch After launch, we are planning to make adjustments so that players cannot leave content after getting hate. Also, in Beta 4 we are making it so a time penalty is given to players who leave mid-way through content, so it won’t be possible to repeat this behavior.
When using the Duty Finder as a party of 2 DPS, the matching window often shows DPS 1/2, so please make it reflect this properly so I can tell if we are being matched or not. Continuing to Adjust We will investigate the conditions and continue to make adjustments so that the display is shown as quickly as possible.
Make it possible for marauders to switch between tank and DPS roles. Continuing to Discuss For the future we are looking into multi-roles for a class or job. Currently, the implemented system is prioritizing role clarity and matching speed, but we plan on expanding this in the future.
Add a period of time where you can meet and talk before beginning content. Working as Intended There already is a period of safe time before battles in all content, so please use that time to speak with your party.
Make it possible to freely select roles when a leader initiates the Duty Finder after making a party. Working as Intended When forming a party outside of the Duty Finder, you can challenge content with the role combinations of your choice.
Please allow players to select a specific server rather than all servers when queueing the duty finder. Working as Intended The Duty Finder matches players from worlds in the same data center. When matched, an instance is created within that data center. In the event that you were to connect to an instance in a distant data center, there would be additional latency. To ensure everyone can play comfortably, we’ve created the system so matching takes place within the same data center.
Make it so the same class/job are not matched for the DPS role when being matched. Working as Intended For the DPS role, the current system matches melee DPS and ranged DPS, but as an algorithm is used to prioritize matching speed, if it takes time to find matches it will pair up the same DPS classes and jobs. We appreciate your understanding.
Simply changing areas all of a sudden in dungeons is kind of boring, so please add some cool teleport animation. Working as Intended Implementing animations and cutscenes would affect the time in which players gather, and there is a risk for connection problems during that time, so this is working as intended. We appreciate your understanding.
Please add other combinations of roles instead of 1 tank, 2 DPS, and 1 healer. Working as Intended Currently no plans to address this. For other combinations, please form a party and then use the Duty Finder.


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