FATE Beta Test Phase 3 Feedback – Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn


Feedback Status Comment
Buffs keep wearing off in FATEs that happen in succession, so please make it so they buffs do not wear in these situations. Beta Phase 4 Starting from Phase 4, the buffs will not wear in these situations.
The Lazy Laurence FATE is too long. Please adjust this. Beta Phase 4 Actually, there was a bug that extended the length of that FATE. The reported matter is most likely due to this bug.
FATEs often appear in areas where levequests take place and it often results in death. Please make adjustments so they do not overlap. Beta Phase 4 While we did our best to make sure they don’t overlap with each other, if there are any that you would like to see changed, please let us know and we’ll take a look at it accordingly.
There are a lot of times that high level players will join and destroy low level FATEs, causing them to end instantly, so please add benefits for joining FATEs of the appropriate level. Beta Phase 4 Starting from Phase 4, high level players will be unable to attack FATE targets unless they level sync. Also, players can earn much more experience by participating in the higher level FATEs, so there shouldn’t be any reason for them to participate in a low level FATE.
Add hidden FATEs that do not appear on the map. Launch Though they are extremely small in number, there are some. Please try and find them! We can’t guarantee your safety though…
Contribution points awarded for curing are too low. Please adjust this. Will Continue to Discuss We’ve made as much adjustments as possible, but we will continue to make adjustments to the amount of contribution points you can earn via curing after checking out the conditions after launch.
When moving away from an area, level sync is removed, but it’s hard to tell that it was removed. Please make this more prominent. Will Continue to Discuss If level sync is getting removed, it means that you’re moving outside of the FATE range. However, if we receive enough feedback about making the range easier to understand, we will discuss it accordingly.
Please make it so FATE times vary depending on conditions or have them disappear if no one engages them within five minutes. Will Continue to Discuss We will look into ways to deal with NMs that are being left untouched.
Add methods that make it easy to form parties and target other players in FATE. Will Continue to Discuss The whole purpose of the FATE is to provide content where players can join and leave at will. By making it easier to form parties, we believe it will go against the idea behind FATE. As for the targeting, we will continue to look into improving the matter.
Add FATEs where you can fight alongside key NPCs. Will Continue to Discuss While it’s difficult to implement an NPC that changes their behavior depending on the progression of a FATE, we do have plans to introduce interesting NPCs via FATEs!
Add boss monsters to low-level FATEs. Working as Intended If you consider an NM as a boss monster, there are boss monsters that appear in FATEs under level 10. If you are talking about powerful NMs, they will start appearing after level 20. We will continue to make adjustments even after launch so please continue to provide feedback on the matter!
For FATEs that involve delivering items, defeating monsters does not award contribution points, and there are players who only hold back monsters from people. Please adjust this. Working as Intended You can turn in items that are dropped by monsters to earn contribution points. As for being attacked by monsters that are not related to the FATE, we will continue to make adjustments to locations so it doesn’t bother the players participating in the FATEs.
Make a log display that shows which FATEs you have participated in. Working as Intended While there are no plans to record the number of times you have participated in FATE or the amount of contribution points you’ve earned, certain FATE monsters will be recorded as an achievement.
For FATEs that involve delivering items, instead of ending the battle immediately once the monsters stop appearing, make it so the players who were busy fighting off the monsters have time to deliver items. Working as Intended You have a minute to turn in the items that you gathered after the cap has been reached. Please use that time to turn in your items.
Make it so FATEs do not get in the way of main quests and other quests. Working as Intended While we did our best to make sure they don’t overlap with each other, if there are any that you would like to see changed, please let us know and we’ll take a look at it accordingly.
There is a trend where players change classes just before a FATE ends to get experience points for a different class. If this isn’t working as intended, please make adjustments. Working as Intended As long as they’re within the recommended level range, we have no problems with that sort of behavior.
In Phase 3 the difficulty would change depending on the number of participants, but even with this when there were a ton of people the FATE would finish instantly. Please adjust the range of difficulty. No Plans to Address We intentionally designed it this way because the players won’t be as focused in one area after launch.
Implement a list of players participating in a FATE. No Plans to Address FATE was designed around the concept of being extremely casual content, and we have no plans to implement a participant list right now. We appreciate your understanding.
Add large-scale FATEs that take up the entire map. No Plans to Address As public fields are shared by various players who have various objectives with quests, gathering, and other activities, we do not plan on having extremely large-scale FATEs like this. We appreciate your understanding.
Please add a mark next to the name of characters who have been level synced. No Plans to Address Unfortunately, there are currently no plans to implement this feature.

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