Gamepad Beta Test Phase 3 Feedback – Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn


Feedback Status Comment
Every time the game launches, the gamepad settings reset. Please fix this. Beta Phase 4 We’ve addressed this in Beta Phase 4!
Make it so the cross hot bar is hidden when it is not used. Beta Phase 4 In Beta Phase 4, we’ve added a config option where the cross hot bar will not be displayed when it is not in use. The default setting is set to display the cross hot bar, so please change the settings according to your preference.
Make it possible to draw and sheathe weapons with a single button with gamepads as well. Beta Phase 4 In Beta Phase 4, we’ve made it possible to draw and sheathe weapons with the L3 button (pushing the left stick in).
Make it so you can choose to arrange the layout of the cross hot bar so that both sets of directional keys are on one side and both sets of the 4-buttons are on the other. Beta Phase 4 We’ve addressed this in Beta Phase 4!
Make it possible to switch the Start and Select button functions in the PS3 version configuration. Beta Phase 4 In Beta Phase 4 we’ve implemented a customizabale button allocation feature for gamepads.
The compatiblity for gamepads, mice, and keyboards I want to use is rather poor and problems often arise, so please add support for more of these. Beta Phase 4 We’ve expanded the amount of supported gamepads, but it’s extremely difficult to support every single one, so we’d appreciate it if you could look into switching to Xinput standard gamepads.
Please revamp the PS3 controller and gamepad button layout so you can operate the hot bar menu with L1 and R1. Beta Phase 4 We’ve implemented a button customization feature that will allow you to switch out grouped features. With this, you will be able to switch out the input buttons for the hot bar.
There are times when you cannot target an enemy right in front of you, so please adjust this. Beta Phase 4 We’ve addressed this in Beta Phase 4!
Please implement an L2+R2 palette in addition to the L2 and R2 palettes. After Launch While it will be after launch, we will be making adjustments for implementation.
There are some features that can’t be used if you don’t know how to set them, so please have explanations of what does what. After Launch We are looking into posting information on the Lodestone related to players’ game progress and recommended settings depending on each class.
Make the XHB a system where you can automatically link combos together by continuously pressing one button. After Launch We’ve addressed this through text macros, but we are currently looking into an even easier to use method.
Even when using target filters, it’s really hard to target in FATEs with the gamepad, so please make it easier to target. After Launch We are currently looking into implementing filters and target circles for characters who are targeted that have a special icon next to their name plate. We are also looking into adding circles for monsters that have the “Q” mark for quests and FATES as well as the card mark for leves.
There is lag when executing actions using the toggle mode for gamepad. Please adjust this as it is difficult to use and it’s not possible to play efficiently. After Launch As it’s easy to affect the controls of hold mode when making changes to toggle mode, we are considering the removal of the toggle mode. Although adjustments have been made to controls when navigating the Main Menu and editing the cross hotbar, we will continue to work to improve gamepad functionality.
Please implement a 1.0 action bar setting for the PS3 version and gamepad mode. Continuing to Discuss As we’ve made large adjustments to the battle pace, we feel just transplating the hot bar from 1.0 as is would be problematic for playing comfortably. We will continue to look into this, but currently we do not have an implementation period in mind. We appreciate your understanding.

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