Graphics Beta Test Phase 3 Feedback – Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn


Feedback Status Comment
While it’s understood there are limitations due to DirectX 9, please improve the graphics of shadows, foliage, and the geography. Beta Phase 4 We made adjustments to the graphic representation on plants in Phase 4! While we will look into seeing if we can improve on the shadows, we won’t be able to improve the geography until we make the game compatible with DirectX 11.
Add even more minute detail to water such as bubbles rising, etc. Beta Phase 4 Actually, if you pay close attention to the edge of the water, you will see some bubbles! Please see for yourself!
There are a lot of cases where the character and monster feet appear to be hovering in the air, so please fix this. Beta Phase 4 While it may not be as precise as we’d like, starting from Phase 4 (Windows only), monsters placed on a slope will be tilted according to the angle of the slope!
Adjust the unnatural shadows that are created by Miqo’te hair. Beta Phase 4 We’ve addressed this in Beta Phase 4, so please be sure to check it out!
Sometimes on my graphics card, the game seems to lose color and shifts to grayscale. Please address this. Beta Phase 4 We’ve addressed this in Beta Phase 4!
Implement a graphical setting for low-spec PCs. Beta Phase 4 The development team has been continuing to make adjustments as much as possible, and they have optimzed both Beta Test Phase 4 and the retail version. Please check this out in Phase 4. The current optimization is set at the limit for low-spec options, so we appreciate your understanding.
On the PS3 version, the text in the speech bubbles is too small, so please adjust this. After Launch As this occurs during battles as well, making it too large would affect battles, so we will look into this as well as a setting where you can adjust the size after launch.
Please add cosmetic town gear as well. After Launch We showed this off during Letter from the Producer LIVE, but we are planning on adding cosmetic town gear in a future update.
Make it so when walking in sandy areas like Costa del Sol, footprints will gradually disappear. Will Continue to Discuss Footprints will require a dedicated set of adjustments, so we’d like to ask you to please wait patiently while we discuss the matter.
It’s difficult to see Ifrit’s ability “Eruption” so please use a warning circle design that differs from the ground color/texture. Working as Intended We’ve made minute visual adjustments, but the design that is currently implemented is working as intended. We appreciate your understanding.
There is pixelation in some parts of equipment, so please adjust this. Working as Intended Unfortunately, the resolution of all the usable textures are already in place. Even if we were to make it even all-around, the graphics will end up looking duller than they are now. We intentionally increased the resolution of the parts that stand out and lowered the resolution of the parts that people may not notice as much. The end product looks much better this way as a whole.
Increase the percentage of fair weather while in towns. No Plans to Address We have finely tuned the weather for every city and region. The weather is set with the thought of players adventuring throughout the world over a long period instead of changing the weather drastically over a short period. With that in mind, please check out the weather settings in Phase 4 and let us know what you think!


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