Markets and Retainers Beta Test Phase 3 Feedback – Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Markets and Retainers

Feedback Status Comment
Please streamline the process in which we retrieve items from our retainers. Beta Phase 3 We’ve reduced the steps for this in Beta Phase 3.
I find it too difficult to see which items I can and cannot equip. Could you make it easier to see (i.e. change the text to red)? Beta Phase 4 In Beta Phase 4, we’ve added a display to indicate whether equipment can or cannot be equipped.
Currently, I find that crafters aren’t as useful because decent items can be purchased from an NPC. Could you look into increasing the stats and adjusting the cost of crafted items? Beta Phase 4 In Beta Phase 4, we’ve made adjustments to the amount of gil that is obtained.
Please give us the option to change the personality of our existing retainers. Early Access/Launch You will be able to set your retainer’s personality whether they are new or when you re-hire them. We plan on making it possible to change the way they talk depending on the personality you choose. You will also be able to check this out ahead of time.
When you select an item, the L1 button is used to increase the number of items and R1 is used to decrease the number of items. Can we have this reversed? After Launch Based on feedback received in Beta Phase 2, we’ve made it the way it is currently, but if there is a lot of feedback requesting the opposite, we will look into adjusting this.
When I sell an item in the markets, could you set the default selling value to what it would be if I was going to sell the item to an NPC. Continuing to Discuss When putting an item up on the market, the item might not always be sold at a shop, so this is not possible. However, we understand the requests asking to see the shop prices, so we would like to look into this.
Please add an item sort option for the retainers. Continuing to Discuss We will be looking into an inventory window sort feature after launch, but the one for retainers would be addressed separately. We will first be addressing the inventory feature and will look into how to address retainers after.
I would like to be able to hide the text “You are no longer selling items in the markets” that appears every time I call my retainer. Continuing to Discuss If you were to log out for some reason while you called your retainer, your retainer would no longer be selling items at the market. Text is displayed to emphasize this. As we’ve seen feedback that this is emphasized too much, we will continue to look into it moving forward.
The market board is difficult to use on the PS3 version. Continuing to Discuss We will continue to make adjustments so that it can be used easier.
I would like to craft an item using materials that are currently on my retainer. No Plans to Address Player’s inventory data and retainer inventory data have different sizes and are separate. Due to this, it’s not possible to directly access it. While it would be possible if we were to reduce the size of retainer’s inventory space, we feel that this would not be a good idea. We appreciate your understanding.
I would like to be able to hire a retainer sooner than the current timing. No Plans to Address No plans to address this. We appreciate your understanding.

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