Other Game Systems Beta Test Phase 3 Feedback – Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Other Game Systems

Feedback Status Comment
The exit of the Ul’dah aetheryte plaza can be frustrating to find. Please adjust this. Beta Phase 4 In Beta Phase 4, we’ve made it so you are facing the plaza entrance when you teleport to Ul’dah.
When logging out in an inn, add a cutscene where you go to sleep in your bed. Beta Phase 4 We’ve addressed this in Beta Phase 4!
Make it possible to set the game language and cutscene voice languages separately. Beta Phase 4 In Beta 4 a portion of cutscenes will have voice overs. To accompany this, we’ve added a setting where you can freely select the cutscene audio language. Please be sure to check it out! As subtitles reflect the language options selected before launching the game, it will be possible to make it so the audio is in Japanese and the subtitles are in English.
The boat fee is way too expensive. Please adjust this. Beta Phase 4 As we would like you all to test out the quest continuity during the Beta Test, we purposefully set the boat cost to a high price and imposed limitations on riding. In Beta Phase 4, the price will be changed to that for the retail version.
The behavior of the /wait macro when adding in small numbers is off. Please adjust this. Beta Phase 4 In Beta Phase 4 we’ve fixed the issue where inputting small numbers resulted is macros not functioning properly.
There are too many cutscenes at the beginning of the game that cannot be skipped. Please adjust this. After Launch The items that you receive in the opening cutscene will differ depending on the options you select, so we’ve made it so you cannot skip the cutscene at the moment. However, we are looking into making adjustments after the next update.
Implement an option that doesn’t even show the cutscene when riding on the boat and airship. Also create routes that you can fight or fish while riding. Continuing to Discuss We would like to carefully look into the pros and cons of implementing a skip setting for the cutscenes for the airship and ferry.We will look into the open water routes separately.
Even if you can’t swim, make it so you can at least enter the water a bit. Continuing to Discuss The development team has had ideas for using the geography such as diving into water to proceed etc., and they are looking into this proactively.
Add an auto-sort feature for the Armoury Chest. Continuing to Discuss While we do not have plans to have an auto-sort feature, we are looking into ways to improve the system. We are also looking into whether we can implement a manual sort feature.
Allow us to send mog letters to people who are not on our friend list. Working as Intended We’ve limited this feature to friends only in order to prevent harassment, spam, and other problematic behavior.
Make it possible to add people you meet from other worlds via the Duty Finder to your friend list. Also, make it possible to add offline players to your friend list. Working as Intended We currently have no plans to address this. We are looking into a feature where you can interact with other worlds, but we have not finalized any implementation period.
Add an aetheryte to Vesper Bay. No Plans to Address Due to how the main scenario story progresses, we’ve purposefully avoided placing one here and have no plans to address this. We appreciate your understanding.
At least make it so speech bubbles pop up when talking to characters in close proximity to your character. No Plans to Address We’ve received a lot of requests for this and have been looking into it; however, we’ve determined it would be difficult to use this for chat as there are latency display issues. Even if NPC speech bubbles don’t show sometimes, there are not any quotes that would stop you from playing, and using this system for chatting would require constant system memory; thus making it difficult. Considering future feature expansions, it’s difficult for us to allocate this memory, and we will not be addressing this currently. We appreciate your understanding.
Make it so you appear as offline to people who you’ve added to your black list. No Plans to Address As checking each of the blacklists to determine if the player is displayed would cause potential lag, we do not have any plans to address this at the moment. We appreciate your understanding.
Add voice chat support for PS3. No Plans to Address If we were to officially support voice chat, there is a possibility that gamers that are new to online games would feel forced to use it, so we’ve adopted the policy of not officially supporting this. Of course, third-party voice chat programs are not prohibited, so please discuss using them within your group of friends, linkshell, etc..

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