Quests Beta Test Phase 3 Feedback – Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn


Feedback Status Comment
Adjust the difficulty on certain quests as they cannot be completed solo. Beta Phase 4 We have adjusted the difficulty of some of the quests in Phase 4. In addition, there’s a new feature where if you fail the quest numerous times, you will be provided with a powerful buff to assist you with the quest.
Due to the fact entrance NPCs were removed from instanced dungeon entrances, it’s difficult to understand how to enter when visiting these areas for the first time, so please bring them back. Beta Phase 4 We plan to bring back the entrance NPCs in Phase 4. In addition, when you complete the quest that unlocks a dungeon, an access point will appear. The access point can be used to activate the duty finder UI and enter the dungeon accordingly.
As we will need to level up multiple classes from level 1, please increase the amount of class-specific quests to help with this. Will Continue to Discuss While we have no plans to implement additional class-specific quests, we do have plans to add more sub quests and repeatable daily quests to help players level multiple classes.
Implement a feature that allows you to share quests with friends. Will Continue to Discuss While we will continue to discuss the matter, we are currently unable to say when the feature will be implemented.
Make it possible to hide nearby quests based on the recommended level of the quest. No Plans to Address While we do have plans to implement this feature in the future, our current focus is making sure the players know that a quest is available at that location.
The marauder class quests are lacking aspects that teach you about the tank role, so please supplement this content somehow. No Plans to Address There are currently no plans to do so.


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