Sound Beta Test Phase 3 Feedback – Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn


Feedback Status Comment
Megalocrabs make dinosaur like noises when they move and it’s unnatural. Please adjust this. Beta Phase 4 We’ve adjusted this in Beta Phase 4!
There are times when sound will stop playing in-game when playing for long periods of time. Please adjust this. Beta Phase 4 We’ve addressed this in Beta Phase 4!
Make a setting where you can loop the BGM. Continuing to Discuss In response to requests to allow BGMs to loop continuously, we are currently looking into creating a BGM system to play them.
Gladiator, lancer, marauder, pugilist and other physical attack sound effects lack power, so please make the sounds much deeper. Continuing to Discuss In Beta Phase 4, we’ve largely revamped all the sound effects for weapons, weapon skills, and abilities. We’ve also touched up the limit break sound effects, so be sure to check it out!Gladiator:
Fast Blade / Savage Blade / Riot Blade / Rage of Halone / Circle of ScornPugilist:
Bootshine / True Strike / Snap Punch / Haymaker / Touch of Death / Twin Snakes / Arm of the Destroyer / Steel Peak / Demolish / Howling Fist

Heavy Swing / Fracture / Skull Sunder / Maim / Brutal Swing / Overpower / Storm’s Path / Storm’s Eye / Tomahawk / Butcher’s Block

Heavy Shot / Straight Shot / Venomous Bite / Flaming Arrow / Misery’s End / Swiftsong / Quick Nock / Shadowbind / Blunt Arrow / Bloodletter / Wide Volley / Repelling Shot / Windbite

True Thrust / Feint / Vorpal Thrust / Heavy Thrust / Impulse Drive / Leg Sweep / Full Thrust / Doom Spike / Disembowel / Ring of Thorns / Piercing Talon

Stone II / Medica

Blizzard II / Blizzard III / Fire II / Fire III / Thunder III

Spirits Within

Rockbreaker / Dragon Kick

Inner Beast / Steel Cyclone

Jump / Spineshatter Dive / Elusive Jump / Dragonfire Dive

Foe Requiem / Army’s Paeon / Mage’s Ballad / Rain of Death

White mage:

Black mage:
Freeze / Flare

The default BGM setting is too low and the sound effects and tell noises are too loud. Please adjust this. No Plans to Address The game’s sound drivers constantly control the volume control in-game, and the feature was made so there would not be any volume differences.
Create various sound settings, such as an option to turn off battle sound effects, if you only want to listen to the area sound effects. No Plans to Address We will take this into consideration in the event we make a sound system update after launch.


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