The Lodestone Beta Test Phase 3 Feedback – Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

The Lodestone

Feedback Status Comment
Please add a “Like” button. Early Access/Launch We are planning to implement a social networking feature to share with external sites, like, and tweet. The like button for the Lodestone journal articles are being planned separately post-launch.
Stop using pop-ups for logging into the PC version site since it is connected to phishing. Early Access/Launch For launch, we will be transitioning everything to the main screen when logging in.
The character equipment and appearance displayed on my character page does not match, please reflect this properly. Early Access/Launch In order to reduce the time lag, we are beefing up our servers for launch. However, even with server enhancements, the time lag won’t completely disappear, and you won’t be able to immediately change out pictures. We appreciate your understanding.
Fix the silouette displayed for the profile image and avatar equipment. Early Access/Launch We will be making adjustments to the image display for launch.
Add a field where we can write a free company profile. Early Access/Launch We are planning to make it so the profile you write for free companies in-game is displayed on The Lodestone.
Add a “Race” field for the character search. Early Access/Launch We will be adding a “race” field for launch.
Make it possible to send players in-game and offline messages from Lodestone. After Launch We are looking into linking this to Mog Letters.
Display a counter of how many people have viewed your journal. After Launch While it will be after launch, we are looking into implementing a feature that displays the number of views. Once the implementation period has been finalized we will let you know.
The image of my character’s face is too small when I post a comment. Please make it bigger. After Launch As there are some face types that are hard to see the expression differences, instead of that image, we are looking to change it out with a different image for launch.
Make it possible to filter the latest blog posts displayed on the top page by language. After Launch We are looking into whether we can make adjustments as part of a community wall feature expansion.
When deleting a comment, the message “The message has been deleted by the user.” is displayed in its place. Please make it possible to select to whether to display these notices or not, or make it so you can edit it. After Launch We are looking into addressing this so that this message does not appear when a comment has been deleted. However, there is a possibility that the context of the discussion could be lost in a journal entry and Free Company forums, so we are proceeding to look into this with the plan of leaving the display. We appreciate your understanding.
Add a notification that shows when a mog letter has arrived. After launch We are looking into linking this to Mog Letters.
I don’t need my login information displayed on my wall, so please don’t put it up. After launch We plan on implementing a filtering feature for walls. We are currently looking into making it possible to freely select what items you would like displayed.
Add a place where only I can see who and when I followed someone as well as what entries I’ve commented on. After launch First we are looking into having this displayed on your wall. After this, we are looking to add a filter feature to My Wall and then making it possible to show only your own activity.
Please make the background a brighter color. Continuing to Discuss As this involves the overal design of the Lodestone and the concept behind it, we would like to look into this carefully when we make another update to it.
Similar to the 1.0 Lodestone journal feature, make it more like a blog where you can decorate the text and write on the images. Continuing to Discuss First we plan to implement a feature allowing players to write blog entries from within the game. Once implemented, we will begin looking into the addition of text decorations and the use of images.
Increase the number of images you can add to a single journal entry. Continuing to Discuss We would like to carefully look into whether we can increase the number of uploadable images.
Implement a page that makes it easy to see members’ classes, jobs, and levels. Continuing to Discuss We will continue to look into this!
Instead of the character image having what you last equipped when you logged out, make it possible to freely choose what equipment is displayed. Continuing to Discuss We are continuing to look into this.

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