Transferring Character Data from #FFXIV Version 1.0

Version 1.0 character data will be transferred to FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn (hereafter referred to as FFXIV: ARR) starting from beta test phase 4.

This data includes all characters from Version 1.0 as well as the items they possess.
* Please note that some items have been modified or removed to conform with system changes in FFXIV: ARR.

Logging in for the First Time Using Version 1.0 Characters
Starting in beta test phase 4, players logging in with characters from Version 1.0 will be allowed to change their character’s appearance.

All aspects can be altered, including race, gender, and name. Please note that changes can only be performed once.
* You cannot select a different World.

Appearance changes made to existing characters during beta test phase 4 will carry over to the release version.

  • If you do not change the appearance of your character upon first logging in, you will not be given another opportunity to do so.
  • If you should exit the character editing menu before finishing, you are allowed to resume changing your appearance.
  • Version 1.0 characters that share the same name may be required to change their name based on the guidelines outlined below:

    Character Names
    After the transfer, if two or more characters with the same first and last name exist in the same World, only one character can keep the name, based on the order of priority below.

    1. Characters that qualify for Legacy status.
    2. Characters whose subscriptions ended after September 30, 2012.
    3. Characters that were created first.

    In the event that your character must be renamed, please enter a new name by following the on-screen instructions when you first log in following the World transfer.
    * Players may voluntarily rename their characters even if their name takes precedence. 

Legacy Chocobos
Characters who met the requirements of the Legacy Campaign will receive a legacy chocobo whistle via the Mog Delivery Service starting in beta test phase 4.

By using the legacy chocobo whistle, a legacy chocobo will be added under the Mounts section of the Actions and Traits interface. The legacy chocobo can be summoned by setting the icon to your hotbar.

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