#FFXIV A Realm Reborn – Beta Phase 4 / Open Beta Updates

GOOD MORNING!! Ready for some server congestion? They’ve placed login restrictions to smoothen out the process, similar to Phase 3 so I do not foresee any issues.

The official forum has been slammed!! Team FFXIV at SE is keeping players updated via twitter at the moment. Going to try and keep up with their chatter and post them here for posterity’s sake XD

We’d like to once again remind everyone that streaming or uploading any video of #FFXIV Beta Phase 4 is prohibited. Please be careful, as we must take action against such violations that may include account suspension or termination.

12:15PM PST-

Character creation and log in restrictions for all worlds have been lifted. Based on ongoing conditions, there is a possibility these restrictions are imposed again. We appreciate your understanding.

11:20AM PST –

  • For those asking when brand-new users can join in the #FFXIV Beta Phase 4: the registration site is scheduled to launch on Aug. 17th!
  • Currently character creation has been temporarily halted on Cactuar, Balmung, Hyperion, Moogle, Behemoth, Odin, Excalibur, Ragnarok, Ultros, Sargatanas, Diabolos, Shiva, Gilgamesh, and Leviathan.

11:00AM PST –
Currently character creation has been temporarily halted on Chocobo, Shiva, Gilgamesh, Leviathan, Hyperion, Moogle, Cerberus, Behemoth, and Odin.

Beta forums are back up and running!

YoshiP snuck in a letter from the producer GO GO BAHAMUT rawrr!

9:15AM PST –

  • For those asking to record Beta footage: it’s fine to record footage during the Beta, but do not share/upload it until the go ahead is given
  • Twitter updates will resume shortly. Apologies for the slight delay.


Beta: Character creation is temporarily restricted on: Ridill / Durandal / Gungnir / Aegis / Masamune / Chocobo / Shiva/Excalibur / Gilgamesh / Ragnarok / Moogle

Beta: Malboro has been restored and they are available for login

Beta: Malboro World is experiencing technical difficulties. The issue is currently being addressed

We have stopped Character creation for new Characters temporarily for the Worlds listed below.


Beta: If the character(including characters from 1.0) is already created on the world listed below, they are accessible. #FFXIV

2:00AM PST –

We’d like to once again remind everyone that streaming or uploading any video of #FFXIV Beta Phase 4 is prohibited.

1:20AM PST –

Producer/Director Yoshida here. Due to excessive congestion, the Beta forum is currently unavailable. As an alternative, we’ll be using Twitter to make an important announcement regarding the Beta Test.

Beta Test phase 4 will begin today at 2:00 a.m. (PDT) / 9:00 a.m. (GMT) but based on the download status of the patch files… we’re expecting well over 100,000 people are standing by, ready to log in once the test begins. To prevent the server from crashing, we’ll be restricting the login for the first few hours of the test just like in Beta phase 3.

Therefore you may experience login difficulties during the first few hours of the test, but the restriction will be lifted gradually. We ask for your cooperation and understanding. Also, we will continue to announce the latest status on the Beta forum and Twitter. Please follow the official Twitter account to catch the latest details on the Beta Test.

12:43am PST-

An issue where version update cannot be completed on North American PlayStation®3 version has been resolved. For those of you who were affected, you may now conduct the version update. We apologize for any inconvenience this may caused.

12:50am PST –

We can now confirm that the fix has been made for all NA PS3 users! Patch away! Thanks so much for all of your patience!

12:40am PST –

Due to the current forum congestion we’ve been unable to post an update on the NA PS3 issue. However, I’ll post here to get info out. NA PS3 promotion code holders that have yet to redeem their code: The issue has been fixed and you can now redeem and patch as normal. NA PS3 promotion code holders that have redeemed their code and are unable to patch: we’re currently making final preps on a fix. As soon as the fix is finalized, we’ll announce it on the forums or here. We sincerely apologize for the problems this issue has caused.

Oficial Website Updates include the addition of two new info sections!

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