#FFXIV A Realm Reborn – UI and HUD Scaling Guide

So… I am writing this up because it can be a little bit confusing…. but here is how to change your HUD/UI scale. You’ll have to do this for each element. There is no known way right now to universally make your UI smaller, so let’s all write feedback about this to SE! Let’s also mention that instead of just a keybind, they need to allow us a config setting with a bar for universal UI sizes

Note also that they’re adding more sizes later, so now we only have 3 choices, smaller, normal, bigger.

Thanks Len for pointing me to CNTRL+HOME >.> more ya know! Tutorial under the cut.

Where is the keybind for this?

System menu > Keybind > System > Change Window Size. You can set it whatever is more comfortable!


How to scale the UI Windows such as Journal, Hunting Log, Inventory, and any other game ‘Windows’?

Open any UI element you’d like to scale, example – Inventory/Bags, then just hit the above keybind  (default is cntrl+home) and it’ll scale it.







How to scale the HUD elements such as hotbars, crosshotbars, target bars, party list, etc?

Go to system menu > HUD Layout > Click on any element you wish to resize > use the keybind about (default is cntrl+home) > save







Below are screenshots comparing my UI before and after scaling… note this was a time consuming process since I had to go through every window to resize XD

Before scaling

Portions of my UI before scaling

After Scaling

UI After scaling, yay I can fit more stuff /happy!

Scaled HUD Layout

Scaled HUD Layout Screen


And here is my UI “Hide unassigned slots” disabled. To toggle this, go to system menu > Character Configuration > Hotbars > toggle

Hide Unused slots

Hide Unused slots


Unhide UI

Toggling “hide unassigned slot”

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