#FFXIV A Realm Reborn Pre-Order Redemption … Sorta Live?

The site is now live, and you should have received a pre-order code from the retailer you choose to order from and an email directing you to the website today.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL GUIDE! Writing this up as I’m seeing some hits for the redeem site
  • This is not to register the game code to your Square Enix Account Management system, not yet anyways, that’s a few steps after!
  • The link requires the ‘Square Enix’ account in order to proceed
  • The pre-order code should look something like this: XXXXXX-000-XXXXXX-000 where X is alphabetical and 0 is numerical.
  • This site will allow you to ‘redeem’ your pre-order code (code1) received from retailers and provide you with the actual product serial (code2)
  • Once complete, make sure to register code2 with Square Enix Account Management to complete the process.
  • The link to the Square Enix Account Management, click here. If you feel uncomfortable clicking from 3rd party site, do so from Lodestone. It’s on at the bottom of the side menu
  • Also, you may get a “There was a problem. Please try again later” error message. Don’t panic, everyone else is getting this too. Keep trying ^^

Some updated info from reddit. Also, go ahead and download the game, pre-install etc : http://sqex.to/ffxivgame

Below is a screenshot of what the redemption page looks like.


UPDATE 12:20PM PST – Tuesday 08/20/2013

hvinire-tuarHello all,

We’ve confirmed a high volume of traffic to the FFXIV Pre-Order Code Redemption website, which likely causes any errors you might have run into. If you receive an error while attempting to redeem your code, please wait and then try again later.

Our internal teams are working hard on this issue, and making every effort to relieve site congestion. As soon as we have any further information, we’ll be sure to update you all on our Twitter and through this forum.


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