New #FFXIV Lodestone Looks Awesome…and Gildrein Lays the Smack Down!

I just love waking up, making my coffee, checking work emails, then finding a few moments to open the doors of gaming universe, just to peek in mind you… it’s my daily routine! Today, it’s one of those, peek in but suddenly get deluged by a wave of news, information and overall excitement kind of days, I am ready, bring it all on! Rawrr!

I checked in on SE main site as I normally do and immediately notice a few things:

  1. Bye bye Beta forums :p
  2. Heloooo New Lodestone, looking good tharrr (in creepy cheesy pick up line voice)
  3. Then upon browsing around, I find that Gildrein has laid out the rules of engagement on the official Forums, and it makes me lol so hard XD Yay SE YOU GO!



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