Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – Behemoth Fate Is AWESOME!

I am lucky to say I have a rockin pc and gaming setup, and I am loving that the game takes advantage of it. It loads just enough people around me for me to useful as a healer and with the new gamepad targeting system (I will write up a guide for this soon I promise!), I had no issue running around ‘tabbing’ with the gamepad and since Behemoth is the only enemy target in this particular area, its super easy to get him.

I have heard that some people can be right on top of him and he will not load, I also notice that whoever you have target on including Focus Target, will always display, so there is some display AI and priorities at work here. I’m pressure sure there were several hundred players in that same space and I did not feel a lick of lag not at all ❤ it! The targeting for me was pretty simple and whenever I lost sight of him, I ran in towards the concentration of battle effects (pretty useful to have them turned on here!)

I think SE should consider making these types of FATE give full priority to displaying the HNM and it’s pops (like adds etc.). Regardless, without further ado, here is the video, enjoy!


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