Weekly #FFXIV Dev Response Roundup 08/30/2013

So, I had thought perhaps the feedback response and individual items being addressed would stop with the Beta forums. I am however pleasantly surprised and is completely wrong! Dev and Community team is still responding to player feedback on the forum at about the same frequency, around once or twice a week. Will happily continue to make my roundup so I can look back at these a year from now and go “oh man we asked for that??”

Greetings, everyone!

There’s a lot of great suggestions and feedback in this thread! We know there are some of you out there who may not have seen all of the comments and responses that were provided during the Beta Test, so we’d like to take a moment to catch you up on some of the requests in this thread that we’ve addressed in the past.

Allow to talk to NPCs while mounted
We’re currently placing emphasis on the world and how the characters inhabit it, and talking while on chocobo is prohibited. This is because there is a possibility that the atmosphere of events and such will be destroyed. While this is possible system-wise, we’d like to look into this carefully while taking these conditions into consideration.

Make pressing ESC clear chat box, pressing ESC again remove chat from focus
This is the system that was in 1.0, but we received a lot of feedback requesting to make it so what was input into it couldn’t be deleted mid-way. We will look into a config setting that will let you delete text when you cancel out of log window input mode.In regards to getting out of chat mode, by using key binds it will be possible to exit out of chat mode quickly, so please try and use them.

Add the option to display all inventory/bank pages at once in one window
Due to memory consumption issues, we limited inventory to be displayed in 1 tab. While we are going to make adjustments to enhance the convenience of using a single tab, we are considering adding options for players using higher resolutions to display multiple tabs at the same time.

Add a “sort inventory”-button
We plan on addressing this in a future patch, but please check here for a feature that is being worked on.

User Interface
Add item-previews (on click, from inventory, bank, vendor, etc)
We are planning to add a preview feature in a future patch!

Make cut-scenes on airships only play the first time you travel/make this an option.
We would like to carefully look into the pros and cons of implementing a skip setting for the cutscenes for the airship and ferry. We’d like to hear more from you so please let us know how you feel about this.

Add item-comparisons (side-to-side; with stat-comparison, not just base value)
We’re considering changes to show the status window for gear in your inventory and currently equipped gear together when placing the mouse over items in your inventory. However, should it prove to be difficult due to screen or UI constraints, we will find a way to easily compare your currently equipped gear and other items.

Add options for speech-bubbles
Text bubbles cause a lot more stress compared to logs. Unfortunately, we currently have no plans to implement this feature because of the impact on the hardware.

Add map-markers
The map in FFXIV has been designed to reflect a great deal of information so that there would be no need to use notes. However, there may be situations where markers like the ones used in FFXI could be essential, such as marking locations in an instanced dungeon. The team is working on a function that could allow party members to share information on the map or link map markers to the log window and are looking to introduce it in a future patch.

Add option to choose which duties are shown in duty tracker
Based on a large volume of feedback, this is currently being looked into. Once we receive word about official implementation we will be sure to let you all know.

Market Board should prompt “list items individually or as a stack” when selling stuff
The current features of the market wards were created based on discussions held between the market planning team and Yoshida. The market wards were set up in this way so that it would be possible to create differences between players who check the market and those that do not, by allowing the person placing items onto the market to research the current demand and sell an amount of items that are easy to buy.

We’ll continue to deliver all of your feedback to the development team, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated as soon as we receive word of anything new.

Chocobo SP
“how you allocate your sp is up to you, be wise about your choices because the decisions are permanent”
Your understanding on this is correct. As your companion ranks up you’ll gain SP; however, the amount of SP you receive is limited, so it will not be possible to acquire every skill for all three stances (defender, attack, and healer). With that said, we’d like you to look into how you’d like to specialize your companion and focus on acquiring the skills you need to make that happen.

Legacy Moonfire Faire Items – Gender Bender?
This year’s Moonfire Faire is right around the corner, and during the event, we will be making it possible to obtain all of the swimwear from version 1.0. Likewise, next year, there is a good chance that we do the very same thing with the yukatas.

While we don’t have any plans for it currently, if there are enough demands for it, the development team can look into setting up an NPC that would allow you to exchange your items if you’ve switched your character’s gender when remaking your character.

UI Copy Tool
With people playing on multiple PCs as well as being able to play on both PS3 and PC, the development team understands how convenient it would be to share HUD layouts and gear sets between different clients. As such, they are currently looking into a way to address this in order to build a smoother play environment.


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