@reinheart Just Made My Day! Disabling L3/R3 for #FFXIV Coming Soon!!

Posted by Hiroshi_Minagawa
Translated by Reinheart Valentine

In our current development version of the game, we have a feature where you can remove the button settings from the R3/L3 button (pressing down on L/R stick). This one is already set up and will be released in patch 2.1. Please wait for it.
(above image shows no setting option in the drop down list for the L3 button down)
◆パッチよりも前倒しに機能リリースできないのか? について
Regarding why we can’t release this at an earlier time than the patch.

We are looking into different methods to be able to release above mentioned feature or sorting, however the programming varies from the current released version and the development version, and for that reason to release one specific feature quickly would require to release and check the feature on both versions. 前倒し公開機能を増やすほど、現在の公開版に、
If we tried to add more features to be released ahead of time for the current version, that would require us to individually ‘transfer” those features from the current development version to player version, this will require time to transfer and check for any problems. Doing this will lessen other features that could of been released for the next patch……  そのため、2重実装のリスクが現実的な範囲で対策効果が高いものを
For that reason, we are selecting features that can be released ahead of time while making sure the risk for double implementation (for both version) is realistically possible. 「でも不便なんだよッ コンチョクショー!」という気持ちは、
I understand how some of you still feel like saying “It’s still inconvenient!”, I understand that as well as a player, and I truly apologize. なお、ロックオン機能のOFF設定は、アイテムソート(整頓)と比較すると
Removing the lock-on feature is something easier to implement ahead of time when comparing to item sort (order). Please allow us some more time to decide which features should be implemented ahead of time as we need to check along with other important matters such, fixing the pet/minion target contro, fixing the method to Blacklisting the RMTs, thanks

Official Translation:

In the latest developer’s build of the game, we’ve implemented an “Unassigned” option to the list of commands available for L3/R3 (Left Stick/Right Stick). We’ll be implementing this in patch 2.1, so please hang in there just a little while longer.


In Regards to Implementing Features Ahead of Patches

We’ve been searching for a method to release features like this (and the sort feature) as quickly as possible. However, because the official version of the game and the internal developer version have various differences, it would require individual checks and implementation on both versions to release specific features ahead of time.

As the number of features we implement ahead of time increase, there would consequently be an increase in the amount of time needed for checks as well as transplanting work to be done. Due to this, the number of features we can implement by the patch would be reduced. 

With that said, we’ve opted to introduce features where the risk of implementation is realistically manageable and the effects of addressing it are high to be implemented ahead of time.

As a player myself, I understand your feelings when things are inconvenient, and I apologize for this.

The ability to turn off the Lock On feature has comparatively less related features associated with it than the item sort feature, and is a feature that would be easy to implement ahead of time. We’d like some time to looking into whether we should implement this ahead of time with other important features such as the pet and minion targeting adjustments and RMT blacklisting.


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