Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – Odin Makes Excalibur Cry

I just realized I have not made a blog post in… 6 days! OMG! End of the world! Between work ramping up, hubby  and starting a 3rd DM Group for Bahamut’s Coil, life is pretty hectic these days. So to get myself back into the groove of news digging, I’m reposting some videos I upped but never mentioned XD

On August 29th, Odin visited Excalibur and completely trounced us…

On September 1st…. Excalibur fought back and won! Congratulations to DM FC mates who received the achieve and gold medal!
Yes yes… in the video below I was doing a lot of running around doing nothing lol. You can’t see it from the video but I was experimenting with a new targeting filter to see what works best for targeting Odin. In the end it just devolved to running right through him to tab target (even if he does not appear on your screen) to get a lock on him but you have to stand pretty close to his AOE (I have another video that demonstrates this better, need to find it though >< over 3 TB of encoded videos for the game so far….)


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